Amber DeVille!

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Amber DeVille is an interesting case! She works her thing in front of the camera. Then gets her groove on BEHIND the camera as well! This multi-talented diva is someone we just had to hear more about. I think you’ll all agree.

So how did you get into modeling?

Amber in a photo by Roy Varga!

It all started at the age of 4 my mom put me in Beauty pageants and then at the age of 15 I was put in modeling school at Kim Dawson and I was there for a bit. Then at the age of 18 I did my first Alternative pin up shoot. From then on I was being booked left and right for pin up, horror or high fashion shoots, I do not limit myself and enjoy a challenge. And I love the fact there is a scene that supports the Alternative pin ups. I am having so much fun in life right now and would not trade it for anything in the world.

You’re based out of Dallas, which seems to have a HUGE pin-up scene. Across many different genres. Do you feel like this is true?

Ohh yes it is a big deal here car shows and burlesque show are always going on here . Pretty little pin up gals popping up everywhere. We even have a lot of pin up fashion designers here in Texas such as poisoned creations, Tara to the T sky girls, decadent dames and lots more. You can say its a fun place with lots going on in the pin up world right now.

You do a lot of events with the Lizard Lounge/The Church. How is that working relationship?

It’s great! I get along with the owner really well and he rocks! I am happy to be apart of the club and the events. The Staff is so awesome!! I recommend coming to the club if you are ever in the Dallas area.

Who are some other models you admire?

I really love Asia Devinyl she is so pretty and I love all her work and would love a chance to meet her some day. I also love Roxanne Dale she has some really amazing work and she is so sweet.

Any photographers you’d like to do work with?

There are really to many to name. I would love a chance to work with Dangerously Dolly photography and 666 photography I am just in love with their work.

Now, one of the things I find interesting about you, is that you’re also a photographer. How did that come about?

Photo: Amber Deville Model: Hell Kitten

Well it was about two years ago I wanted to try to get behind the Camera I went to photography school got the basics down and then I self taught myself everything else. I just picked it up and started creating art. I am thank full to have been able to work with such awesome ladies. So a shout out for all the ladies I have worked with you rock. xoxoxox

What goes into one of your shoots?

I do the models hair and make up and put together the outfits they bring. I also come up with concepts I do take in there ideas as well for I feel its more fun to be able to create together. I am pretty laid back and easy to work with and I do give direction as well. Since I have molded for so long now its easy for me to help out a new gal with her poses. I just have so much fun doing it I am always excited when I get a new batch of pictures to edit.

Any models you’d like to work with?

Photo: Amber DeVille Model: Shana Timothy

Again so many to name. here are some Asia Devinyl, Roxanne Dale, Jami Deadly, Dayna Delux, Ruby Rockit are some.

Care to tease any upcoming projects?

Yes I will be at The Invasion Car show in Dallas TX September 4th and I am hosting the True blood event at the Church Lizard lounge September 12th and the Fort Worth Stomp October 2nd for more info you can go to

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