Soul Track Mind: Ghost of Soul

Posted by bunny On August - 20 - 20103,034 views

I’m really glad to see that Soul Track Mind has put out an album. One of Austin, Texas’s best kept secrets, this is an amazing band that is ready to explode nationally! So it’s about damn time they put down some tracks to share with the rest of the world. Their music really will take you back in time to the 1960’s. They’re that damn good!

The album opens strong and stays strong through the whole running time. And it’s strongest song is in fact the final(title) track “Ghost of Soul.” Frontman Donovan Keith really shows up his powerful voice with a soulful groover that will move even the most hardened cynic. The next best song is the sexy “Little Red Heart” which is the “slow dance song” I wish I had at my senior prom.

If I have one complaint about the album is that it doesn’t quite measure up to the band’s frantic live shows. It comes close, but nothing short of a live album will capture that energy. Which is a pretty minor complaint really. Through this bad boy on at your next party and I guarantee people will dance their asses off.

For more on Soul Track Mind, click on their website!

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