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Anyone following pin-up photography over the last few years knows Roy Varga! The very talented photographer has worked with all the big names and many up & coming pin-ups! We were very lucky to have a moment of his time!

Tell us about your career and how you came to be the man you are today?

Photograph by Roy Varga. Model: Gia Genevieve

Well I bought my first camera when I was 23 it was a very cheap point and shoot camera. I did a shoot with some friends for fun. I put them online and people just started offering to pay me from there.

You’ve worked with most of the big name models in pin-up. Anyone you’d like to work with that haven’t photographed yet?

Photograph by Roy Varga. Model: Tea Martini

Hmm Dita Von Tease would be awesome to work with. But other then that. Maybe that really hot red head from True Blood. I love Red Heads.

What sets you apart from other photographers doing retro style pin-up?

Umm I think other photographerss just view it as a subject or a “style.” This is my life I grew up with old cars and listening to old music. My daily driver is a hot rod and I live in a fully furnished 50’s home. Others just photograph it cause they think its cute but they dont really understand it. They dont understand that its not a trend, Its a lifestyle

Describe a typical photo shoot?

Usually I make a bunch of stupid jokes to make the girl a lil more comfortable. I try and talk to the girls like I’ve known them for years. Crack jokes bust chops, anything to loosen them up. And yes sometimes a shot of JD haha.

Who are your influences?

I have always loved Wiki Tiki Octavio and he was kinda the reason I got into it. Because I just wanted to take bad ass pics with attitude like he does. Shanon Brooke is amazing as well and great gal to hang out with. Truly just a sweet person and who can ever forget 666 Photography. I think those photographers really set the bar high .

What projects can we expect from you in the future?

First book called Kustom Kamera is on sale now on Amazon and available in stores in Sept 2010. I will have a new Pinup calendar for VLV14 in April of 2011. and im currently in talks with a Tabasco company but that is hush hush so thats all I can say. But how cool would it be to pick up a pack of Cigs and see a Varga Pinup.

Photo by Roy Varga. Model: Jami Deadly

Check out Roy online at his site.

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