Rockabilly Strawberry Pancake Pie

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I don’t know any rockabilly website with a cooking category. Maybe we’re the first! I mean,…. even pinups gotta eat, right? 

Jessica's Rockabilly Strawberry Pancake Pie

Dutch pancakes are different than the American. Ours are more like greasy tortilla’s, while the American are like cake. My sister Jessica is as sweet as her cakes and knows her way in decorating her baking creations. So I looked over her shoulder and stole this picture of this Strawberry Pancake delight and call it the Rockabilly Strawberry Pancake pie. 

Here’s how its done.

For the Dutch pancakes:

4 cups of flower

1 cup of milk

Pinch of Salt

1 egg



Custard cream

Whipped cream


Put the flower, milk, salt and 1 egg in a large bowl. Mix it very well. It has to be a smooth batter. If it stays thick, add a little milk or water. If it is too liquid, add more flower.

Heat a spoon of butter in a baking pan. Put a large spoon of batter in the pan, until the bottom is covered with a thin layer. If the top gets dry, turn it around. When it is light brown, put it on a plate.

Make six of those pancakes.

Put one pancake on another plate. Cover it with a layer of custard. Put the second pancake on top of that. Cover that one with strawberry’s and whipped cream. Third pancake on top. Again custard, etc…

You finish it with strawberry’s and whipped cream. Maybe you’ll get inspired and decorate it with some powdered sugar, syrup, whatever.

Tada! There’s your pie.

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