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This time we have not one but two pieces of body art for you to enjoy!

Aren’t these great?! These come from Candilee, this is what she had to say!

Hi ya Bunny! I’m sending this collage of my tats to you and all of
your fans and friends. Hope you all like them! My chest piece is kind
of traditional, it’s a nautical theme for my marriage. it symbolizes a
way to always find our way home. It reads “little trip to heaven” it’s
the Tom Waits song we danced to at our wedding. Anyhoo, I drew it up
and Phil with Studio 21 here in Las vegas, NV did the ink work.
My back tat was done in 2006 for mothers day. My hubby asked what
I wanted and I said a tat for our 3 girls…needless to say he drew
this one up for me and I fell in love with it. I took it to Lee with
Soul Expressions in Murrietta, CA. and now my three little monkeys are
always on my back.
Well, once again…hope you all like them, they were a couple of
good pokes. LOL.

If you’re interested in having your ink shown off to the world, please fill out our online form!

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