Ramond Loewy’s 1953 American Kitchen

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I don’t like cooking but I luv kitchens. I already wrote a little something about Giemeggi kitchens, but today I’m gonna talk about American

Kitchens. No, not the current ones, but the 1953 design of Raymond Loewy. Raymond Loewy (1893-1986) grew up in Paris and emigrated

in 1919 to New York to become one of the greatest designers of his century. His designs are still an important part of our society, like Shell’s

logo, the Greyhoundbus, Streamliner, Studebaker, Commander and Avanti, Lucky Strike logo, Coca Cola. His 1953 American Kitchen

nowadays is a collectors item and a piece of art. Even the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum had it exhibited.

We bought our American Kitchen in 2000. It was white, old, rusty in the corners. My father in law complained that we had spent too much money on a rusty barrel. But we saw the beauty of it. To punish him (no not really) we let my father in law paint it in soft yellow. The sink was original, as well as the cabinets and drawers. The kitchen top was custom made by the vendor for our kitchen. And we installed a new stove.

The drawers have a round streamline and are made of steel, as well as the cabinets. We have the long and the short version of the cabinets.

The whole kitchen is build out of seperate parts and modules, so it is easy to make many different combinations. It will always fit, even in the tiniest rooms.

In case we move, I think I’ll rip the kitchen out and move it with us. I love it!





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