Candy Cane’s insane ink!

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Photo by: Cindy Frey

Photo by MvK

She’s beautiful, stylish and a tattoo artist. I’m talking to Eva aka Candy Cane. 10 Years ago, she started developping her own style with her paintings. Now she is using her style to paint tattoos. She works at Ladyluck, in Weert (The Netherlands). This year they will join tattoo conventions in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium) for the first time.

So Candy, how did you start tattooing?
In a tattooshop I practiced on my own leg. After that, I learned tattooing in Weert. I got a lot of tips of other tattoo artists but you have to do it yourself eventually. Every artist has his own tips, tricks and techniques.  

Where do you get your inspiration?
Almost everywhere,  internet, tattoomagazines, artbooks, art from the thirties untill the sixties. 

Do you copy the design the client brings with him/her, or do you make your own version?
I prefer to tattoo my own design, or to change the design. This way, it will always be unique. 

Photo by CC Ink

What kind of tattoo would you refuse?
Fascist symbols 

Who are the people you admire?
 Errol of Inkstitution, because he has great techniques and style. Gerrit of Tattoomania has his own beautiful style which you’ll recognise it anywhere. I love artists like Mark Ryden, Alex Garcia, director Tim Burton.

Photo by CC Ink

Do you have a tattoo you’re proud of?
One of Errols, which is not finished yet and my sleeve of Mehdi le Mair. 

Do you have other passions?
A lot! Painting, Blythe, American Cars from the late sixties and early seventies. Quentin Tarantino, Horseback riding, animals, my bullterriers, cats and skinny cavia’s, my family, mijn guy, collectiong old statues, dia de los muertos, sun and music.

Do you have crazy habits you want to share with us?
Well I can be very serious but also crazy, enthousiastic, impatient, perfectionistic, chaotic, but I’m also an animal lover.

Photo by MvK

Candy Canes tip for the starting tattoo artist: Do your thing, don’t give up, it’s always hard at the beginning but with trust and perseverance you’ll get there.

Most important, live consiously, eat biological food, eat less meet, veganistic food can be delicious, fur is out of the question! Be careful of what you buy and choose products which are free of animal testing. Respect flora and fauna! Thank you!

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