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Hayley Stoneham hails from the land down under. But her fabu fashions reek of classic Americana! She has something for divas from all walks of life!

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Well I’m and Australian living in Las Vegas. I grew up in Melbourne and lived in Adelaide for a few years. I studied fashion at University and have really been sewing since my mum would let me use her machine! I got into vintage fashions from my love of history. I was always with a book about something historical then i started getting more interested in the clothing. My other dream jobs were museum curator or archeologist.
So while I was studying I started my own clothing label mainly from the fact that I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in stores and figured there were other girls out there too that had the same problem.

So you’re a relocated Aussie, who currently resides in Las Vegas. How did that come about?

Well my husband is from California so when his visa ran out in Australia we came back to the states. By this time his parents had moved from California to Las Vegas so that’s where we came.

What’s the rockabilly scene like down under?

Well where I lived (grew in Melbourne but lived in Adelaide a few years) everyone was really close knit. It has grown so much though. There are so many new faces! I couldn’t believe it when I went to visit last. There are some really great events each year and pin up and Burlesque seems to be so popular right now too.

How about in Las Vegas?

Of course there’s Viva Las Vegas every year. But I have to tell you the truth I don’t really go out too much here! Las Vegas is a very strange place lol…It’s actually quite a small place. As far as I know there’s no “one place” you can go to each week and see a band. Its kind of hit and miss in a way. It reminds me of Australia in a way where it’s more about the people you meet and become friends with and making your own fun.

Tell us about the design process and what goes into your clothing?

Well it depends. Sometimes I’ll be just about to go to sleep and some really great idea will just “hit me” Or I’ll want to work with a particular color (right now i’m really into yellow!) or a amazing fabric that inspires me. I don’t really have a process I go through to make a design, usually the best ideas will get you when your not over thinking it. So when I get a design down I then have to pattern make it and grade it, sample it and so on. I find that I don’t stop when i’m working on something new. I have to get it all out asap!

What inspires your designs?

Well when I first started sewing for myself I really just wanted to be able to make something I had seen in an old movie etc..

But like I said right now its more about working with a particular color or print. I love unusual mixtures of colors. I have this vintage 50’s interior design book that has the most amazing color pallets and I’ll sometimes pull ideas from there.

You’ve worked a lot with some fairly famous pin-ups. Care to name drop for us?

Hmmmm well… I’ve been very lucky to work with Sabina Kelly who is a local like me and just all round lovely person, Also Candace Campbell and Jami Deadly who also live here…these girls are amazing. But I have to say all the girls I have worked with are just amazing. I’ve been really lucky to have to opportunity to work with such talented ladies.

I’ve seen you popping up in front of the camera lately. How has that been treating you?

lol! That was kind of a dare. I don’t really like being in front of the camera. However I got the courage up and had such a great time with JennM and Shari (my sis in law who told me she wasn’t modeling if I wasn’t) I usually look awful in photos, but I was quite pleased with these! No modeling offers though…lol…

What can we expect from you in the future?

I have a lot of things I’d love to do with Miss Hussy. Id love to start using vintage fabrics and doing small runs and I’m also working on a collection of reproduction clothing form pin up art. I feel like id like to do a few more early 60’s inspired pieces. I love the look of this particular time they really suite all shapes and sizes.

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