JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers interview

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Picture by Joshua Black Wilkins

Picture by Joshua Black Wilkins

JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers started out as just the Dirt Daubers, an old-timey trio from Kentucky. However, we “went electric” over a year ago and started playing more blues and rockabilly. There’s a lot of old Chess era R&B in what we do too.

I have loved blues music since I was in my mid teens. I love the music of Muddy Waters, Magic Sam and Little Walter. I later discovered rockabilly guys like Charlie Feathers and Dex Romweber. Mojo Nixon, Jim Heath and other edgy modern guys made the music real to me. I draw inspiration from my home town, which is in the South and not far from where the blues and rockabilly were both born. I also still have a passion for Kentucky mountain music. Remember, you can’t have rockabilly without the “hillbilly” component.

Tell us about your latest cd

The record was produced by punk rock legend Cheetah Chrome and Plowboy Records in Nashville TN. We recorded at Sound Emporium, which is famous for being where guys like Willie Nelson and Robert Plant record. It’s also where the soundtrack for “O Brother Where Art Thou?” was created. We used the natural, rustic, wooden walls to create a “roomy” feel. There is a lot of piano, Wurlitzer, guitar, harmonica, upright bass and other instruments on our record that benefited from the room’s natural vibe.

What are your do’s and dont’s on stage?

Picture by Joshua Black Wilkins

Picture by Joshua Black Wilkins

I used to wear a fancy, sharkskin suit onstage, but I blew the seat of my pants out one night (fans who’ve seen the Legendary Shack Shakers will understand why).
Jessica and I both try to split the difference between stylish and functional. After all, we still have to load our own gear in and out each night, so we can’t go ruining our fanciest duds, now can we?

Is there an artist you would like to work with in future?

Well, I’m more interested in finding those octogenarian old-timers that no one’s ever heard of, learning their old tunes and perhaps recording them before they pass away. I’m not big on hero worship, but I am grateful to the few with whom I’ve shared the stage.  Greats like Wanda Jackson, Junior Wells and Jello Biafra. And, yes, it would be nice to meet Tom Waits one day, I must admit.

Where would you like to play?

We’re looking forward to getting back to Western Europe. Ireland, Norway, England, Holland anywhere. I’d like to go to Australia one day too. Alfa Centauri. Uranus.

Tell us a fun story about your band or gig.

Did I mention I blew out the seat of my pants once? That was awkward, especially since I was, at the time, “going commando”. I had to perform the last thirty minutes of the show standing completely still with my ass clenched.Not sure if that’s a “fun” story… But there ya go. Enjoy that image.

Do you regret anything?

I regret not being born Miley Cyrus. If I had to do all over again…No, it’s great being able make a living playing music. I have a roof over my head and I get to write music, books, draw comics and make films about the stuff I love.  It’s terrific.

What are your future plans?

Both the Dirt Daubers and the Shack Shakers will be back to touring this year. A record of Charlie Stamper’s old time fiddle tunes (that feature my banjo playing) will be released later in the fall on JuneAppal Records. More films & albums are also on the horizon…and more comics too!

Finish this sentence: we will never ever….
…vamos a entender por qué las sombras se alargan

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