Pinup of the week: Madeleine Mayhem

Posted by Miriam On June - 9 - 20144,458 views

MadeleineMadeleine Mayhem is the kind of lady the un-dead would roam the earth for, and rightly so.
With her infectious smile and haunting demeanour this 5”4 cocktail of ink, orange hair and sky high killer heels is the perfect excuse to ‘dig yourself up’ over.

To start at the very beginning (which according to Julie Andrews) is a very good place to start Miss Mayhem’s tale put simply would go a little like this:
Once upon a something a little girl was born into a world of sewing machines and rock ‘n’ roll. Time passed, almost 20 years in-fact and that little girl was asked to model a dress in a fashion parade at a Tattoo Expo. I don’t think that designer knew exactly what they were about to unleash on the world. That fateful day teamed with her existing love of horror and a nickname from a very Reckless friend and Miss Madeleine Mayhem was alive…. It’s ALIVE!!!

Alongside running her clothing label Dead End Dames, being a pin-up girl seems like second nature to Mayhem and from then till now and forever it will remain one of her true loves. Inspired by strong willed ladies like Tempest Storm and her all time favourite dame Vampira, Madeleine Mayhem has become a force to be reckoned with while still remaining down to earth enough to sit here with yours truly and have a Captain Morgans, dry and lime while discussing beauty secrets, tattooists (check out Richie Blackheart and Graf) and why you should never trust a guy who asks if this smells like chloroform to you?

Model: Madeleine Mayhem
Photographer: Vestige Photography
MakeUp and Hair: Lindy Sue Downey


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