Pinup of the week: Dana Ange

Posted by Miriam On May - 5 - 20143,474 views


Hi my name is Dana and I am a rockabilly chic through and through. I live in Virginia and grew up in the city of Norfolk.I am a hairstylist with a passion for rockabilly. When I was growing up, times were very though for my family but we always had two things love and my daddy listening to Elvis .I was not like most girls.Infact,I grew up in a garage helping my daddy build, chopp the tops, and playing in bondo. Yes it’s true, I played with bondo instead of playto.

Rockabilly is a way of life for me and is who I am. Its a feeling of loving and respecting all things vintage and classic. I often said I was born in the wrong era.I wouldn’t change anything about the way I grew up because it is who I am today .I really know what it feels like to have an old soul. Thats just it……It’s in your blood and soul. So for all you rockabillys out there, never change because we are what you call a classic.

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