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Darla Lush Tiki Pinup

Darla Lush grew up in a small town in rural Ohio. As a daughter of an ex-nun, she came from a conservative family that abhorred anything remotely sexual in nature. This attitude had the opposite effect on Darla and motivated her to embrace and cultivate her own sexuality. Darla attended the Delaware College of Art and Design and graduated with degrees in Fine Arts and Photography. She also attended the California College of the Arts where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sculpture. It was in California that that she took an interest in the combination of art + new technologies. Simultaneously, she found pin up modeling and burlesque to be healthy and valuable forms of sexual self-expression. As a trained multi-disciplinary artist,  Darla formulated a way to infuse her art practice with her performance art; resulting in creating her production, Projection Mapping Burlesque. In this production, Darla works with the Projection Mapping Art collective, Mapjacks. In this performance, the collective maps live video onto Darla’s nude body as she dances and sings. Although Darla is nude, Her body is covered by video projections that illustrate an animated dress and other various undulating patterns.

Darla’s Hobbies: Singing the blues, pin up modeling, art, new technologies, burlesque, vintage fashion, film, karaoke, blogging, going to theme bars, exploring LA . I feel that most of my hobbies and the work I do are one in the same.

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