Rock ‘n’Roll trip to Geldrop

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The Red Fox, in Geldrop

As i was on a family vacation in Brabant, near Eindhoven Rockcity, because my grandparents had a golden wedding day (50 years), my family decided to go to Geldrop , to the Red Fox, the new shop from the rock and roll clothingsite The shop was opened recently by Jack Plantaz and his wife Liesbeth, and they specialize in steady-clothing, Rumble59, swingclothing and dresses. When we got there, she offered us a cup of coffee and a coke, while we waited and tried on some steady-blouses. I tried on a model with nice V8 shaped buttons. And being the ted that I am, I tried on some nice pointy creep soles with buckle 😀 Liesbeth told us about how the site started as a hobby, and that it got a little out of hand! She also had ideas to get customers to the shop, for example she advertised with free beer and burgers on Sunday, and she’s planning for a tattoo artist to come in the shop! We left the store with a bag full


Entrance of the diner

of clothes. Since they have a stand on every mayor Dutch festival, I think we see them soon!

There also seemed to be a diner in Eindhoven. But since it was a cornerbuilding, we passe

d it with the car one time 😛 It looks like a normal corner, apart from the 50s diner logo on the windows. Until you go inside!

Statues of The King, and a hot dog

Statues of The King, and a hot dog

We were welcomed by the sound of Fury, the King and Johnny & the Hurricanes. The cook/waiter got us a bench and asked us where



our big car was, since we all stood there with our quiffs up! He told us about their shakes, which we ordered. got the strawberry shake! It was delicious, milkshake how its meant to be! While we were drinking, we took a lot of pictures of the interior,  which was all diner, including 50’s chairs, tables and train cabin benches. The rest of the place was decorated in style, with miniature cars, Elvis memorabilia and statues of the Blues Brothers and 50’s advertisements. Thecook/ waiter came to us, asking what we wanted to eat. I choose the Real American Burger, a burger with tomato, pickles, 


Interior of the Diner

cheddar cheese and unions, which could be baked.  I also chose ketchup and honey-mustard sauce. He looked at me and asked if I was sure, since no one ordered that combination before. He said that the honey-mustard sauce was, just like the rest of the menu including the burgers, homemade. He would serve the sauce apart from the burger so I could taste it first. After a short period of time I could enjoy my burger. Very large, very tasty looking! It was a delicious burger, with fresh ingredients. Needless to say, it took some tasty time to enjoy the burger.

The check, rapped in a dollar bill

The check, rapped in a dollar bill

When it was finished, we got the check in a large one dollar bill, which was a coupon for a free shake if you return and order a menu. The cook/waiter Marc, which also owned the diner and takeaway, told us that he sells most of the milkshakes on the weekends, and offcourse in the summer! Which we all wish for 😀

2014-02-26 14.30.08

Businesscard of the 50’s Diner and Takeaway

In conclusion, I had a rockin’ day in Geldrop  and when I’m in the neighborhood again,  I surely go back to the Red Fox and the 50s Diner and Takeaway!

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