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January 29th, 2014, show review by Christina Death

The Mastermind Bill Pesch put this solid badass show together and it came together like never before. It came together like never before. It was the only Bay area show with this killer lineup for all to attend and support.

We open the night with ” Them Creatures “, a true dark horror rockabilly delight reminiscent of old skool Misfits with a twist of their own flair. Dark, rockin and a purrfect crowd warm up to rock us out of sleep.
Next was ” The Bastard Makers ” , a fun out of funeral, old time band that we found ourselves feeling good to dancing to, leading us anticipating our top three.
Next was one of my personal favourites ” Limnus ” this amazing band is in a class of their own, dark classick and Christian Deathy as ever, a true crowd pleaser and teaser. Total professionals in their own right. ” Stellar Corpses “, were next and Stellar rings true with this band. With such big hits like, ” Vampire Kiss ”  and ” Evil Dead “. We were honoured to be the privileged audience to their ” Dead Star Drive In “. For they were the 4 stars that shined down on us. We bring you next to the reason we came, ” Calabrese “, the big ” C “. Always an honour and joy to see them live. These badass Greaser vampires live up to their reputation. Calabrese is diehard and bad to the bone and take that throne to new heights with all their might and a dark delight. Ready to rock, fight and make you see them in a new light. Touring now with a new album, ” Born with a Scorpions Touch “. Powerful new power ballads that sings and stings. A little mix of pleasure and pain that will make you want to see them again and again. All and all this was Halloween, a dark magickal night that turned our darkness into light and left us with an everlasting bite ~ 4 stars Christina Death

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