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Tell us about your band.44 Shakedown Flyer

We’re called 44 Shakedown, and we hail from the western part of the Netherlands.

It all started out a few years back, when we got together as a West coast jump blues outfit with a blues harp, played by Jaap van Waardenberg. However, the majority of us felt more attracted by that particular style of 40’s and 50’s black music that rocks hard but is still very melodic. The blues harp player went his own way; we     found alto sax player Tim through the internet, and played with him for a couple of years. We also tried adding a piano for a while, but in the end were happy with the sound of just a guitar, as it creates a little more dynamic sound. It was at the premiere of our CD Atomic Jump that we ran into Louis as our additional saxophone player. He was the catalyst we needed to beef up our sound considerably. Since then we operate as a five-piece, with two horns.

You can call the music we play jump blues: it is that in-between period in the late forties and early fifties where black jazz-cats started to invent rock’n’roll, before white folk took that idea and ran with it.

Who did influence you?

Louis Jordan is one of our all-time favourites; we also love guys like Jimmy McCracklin, Jimmy and Joe Liggins, but also modern combo’s like Benny and the Fly-By-Niters, Ray Collins and Nico Duportal.

What are your do’s and don’ts on stage?

We like to not only play, but also dress the part, to create an authentic jump blues     feeling with period songs, period instruments and period outfits. Then again, there is no fashion police involved either. We like to have fun on stage and project our energy and good mood to our audience, but in the end, we think the music should speak for itself first and foremost. It is no use  putting on all kind of crazy stage antics if the music doesn’t sound well.

Do you like other styles than  rockandroll?

Oh yeah, even though there is a ton of great artists within rocknroll, there’s sure more to life than only that. Some of us also love bands like Pantera, others are     into soul, country or listen to Sun Ra; in the past some of our band members have played in reggae, latinjazz, ska or surf-bands… so go figure     😉

Where would you like to play?

In the Netherlands we are lucky enough to have played at many great venues, like lately the Terschelling and Hoorn rock’n’roll festivals, and even at Paradiso main hall. But there’s still plenty to look forward to, nice festivals like Franeker, Drive-in Barn, D-Day etc. And it is always fun to come back to places where we had a great reception, like Rockabilly Swamp.

That being said, we would like to play abroad more often. It is not easy to organise long-distance gigs; so far we’ve had a few awesome gigs in Belgium and Germany, but we still have to build up our name outside the Netherlands. There are a couple of wonderful festivals that we would love to play at, like Rhythm Riot or the new Atomic festival in the UK, we think we would fit pretty nicely in their line-up and hope to be invited there some day.

44shakedownTell us a fun story about your band or gig.

Playing smaller clubs, every once in a while you end up in awkward situations; like an old man who puts his     barstool right on the stage because he feels it is the only quiet place to  sit down and enjoy the show. And every once in a while those vintage pants tend to get torn open on stage, usually in places where you really don’t  want them to rip (so far nothing a little tape couldn’t handle though).

What are  your future plans?

At the moment we’re preparing our second album. We’re still in the process of getting the     right songs together, and want to plan our first recording day soon. Hopefully we can present the final result somewhere next spring or summer, if all goes well.

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