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This is Roller DerbyI have been skating for about two years now with a troop of fantastic girls namely the Lincolnshire Bombers (England) then the Granite City Roller girls (Scotland) and I have found it the perfect sport for all rockabilly, psycho billy, pin up, vintage girl sport.

I could go in to details about how the game is played but that would take another post entirely so instead i’ll tell you the basic ‘need-to-know’ details. Roller Derby is amazing!! Short shorts, fishnets, ‘disco skates’ and girls with attitude and style all squeezed into two 30 minutes periods. Derby is more than just sport, it is a way of life, an obsession and a great excuse to let off steam.

Not one roller girl is the same, some are punk, some rockabilly, some are not to be put in a box and others are just whatever they feel like. Derby is not a sport for a select few but is open to anyone and everyone and does not take age (or gender) in to account. We are a bunch of mean girls on track but off track we are loving, cake baking, social girls who are artists, accountants, writers, shop girls and students. We are what we need to be and what others want us to be. We don’t need to be described as athletes, but athletes we are. We take our sport seriously but we laugh and love each minute of training. It gives you a chance express yourself through others and get tattoos you’ll love, or just leave your skin a blank canvas and let your mind soak up the good times.

This truly is a sport to fall in love with. copyright - Mel Langton 2009
copyright – Mel Langton 2009



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