The 1940’s Victory rolls hairstyle

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The 1940’s Victory roll hairstyle is often said to acquire its name from the fighter plane maneuvers of World War II. The planes created an exhaust roll that remained in the sky after leaving the area and inspired many patriotic civilians to adopt the name in honour of the soldiers returning home.
Victory rolls became popular in the 1940’s among every day women as well as the silver screen starlets of the time. Although victory rolls are perceived as glamorous, they also served a practical purpose.
Victory rolls became useful during wartime when women were shipped off into the workforce and were required to keep their hair off of their faces. This style proved useful for this very reason, while still maintaining a very feminine appearance.  

Nowadays it’s one of the favorite hairstyles of the women within the Rockabilly-scene; first of all because it’s indeed a very feminine but also a glamorous hairstyle and the second reason, it’s not so very difficult to create the rolls. If you have the right tools and the skills! 

How to create the Victory Roll hairstyle:
1.      First, part your hair from ear to ear and put the hair in the back in a ponytail.
2.      Part the loose hair down the middle. You can make a part straight down the middle, or slightly to the side for a different look. Pin half of your hair down.
3.      Back comb the loose hair and them comb the front layer over the teased hair and smooth it with a product.
4.      Wind the hair around your fingers a couple of times and form a loop. Slip your fingers out and tuck the ends of the hair inside the loop. Hold the hair secure while you roll inwards towards your head.
5.      Once you reach your head, spread the loop out to achieve the “roll” shape.
6.      Pin so that the rolls are secure.
7.      You should now have one roll.
8.      Repeat on the other side.
9.      Take your curling iron and curl the back of your hair.
10.  Let the curls cool and them comb them with your fingers, spray with holding spray.

Voila! There you have a classis 1940’s hairstyle. 

If you still have trouble with creating these rolls, do check this tutorial and you will be ready for a glamorous Rockabilly-night!


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