Laverne and the Rhythm Kings

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Laverne fotoI know Laverne very well. A good looking lady with a great voice. I want to introduce you to her band: Laverne and the Rhythm Kings.

She was born in Holland, her father was from Surinam and her mum from Holland.

How did you start your music career?

When I was 13 years old I went to our club in Utrecht: Rockin Ball House!! I started singing with Jess and Jill and the Sinners (little Esther) when I was 26 years old and stopped two years after, because I got my precious babygirl Jaclyn Paige. I love different styles like R&B, rockabilly, Jazz and Jive. I love several artists but for example Patsy Cline , Brenda Lee , Elvis Presley, Jackie Wilson are my favorite.

Laverne and the Rhythm Kings was founded in October 2012 with six bandmembers, but in september 2013 there was a new formation of musicians already.

What are your do’s and don’ts on stage?

I don’t drink when I am singing and I will have a party with the guys each time we are on stage. I love beautiful sexy dresses and the whole performance must be great to look at  too. For me its important to have a lot of fun with the guys and if somebody slips a note well, no  harm done

Do you like other styles than rockandroll?

Yes but my nr one has  been and  always  will be Rock and Roll babyyyy!!

Is there an artist you would like to work with in future?

Well I don t know there are a lot of great artists , but a song with little Gizelle or with Nikki Hill, Wauw!! For me they are THE BOMB at the moment.

Where would you dream of playing?

Lots of places, festivals, but Las Vegas would be awsome!!

Do you regret anything?

No I loved to be with my girl when she was born, now she is 18 and she has 2 little brothers, Tyrone 7 years and Tyrell 5 years.

I’ll do both now, singing and being a mum, love it!!!

What are your future plans?

To be one of the best bands from Holland. I want people to dance dance dance on our music till they can t anymore 🙂 and at the end of the evening will say to eachother how great the party was with Laverne and the Rhythm Kings! 🙂!/Laverneandtherhythmkings

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