Ollie Vee – Lonesome girl (album review)

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Ollie Vee_Lonesome Girl 1516 x 1516Ollie Vee, a Canadian band, have their first cd released called Lonesome girl.

Jesse Adamson: lead vocals, guitar
Johnny Vassos :guitar
Howard Linscott: double bass
Adam Perzia: drums

The cover has some great pictures. Inside the sleeve you’ll find a story about the recording of the album, as they call it: it was live off the floor, some songs were recorded in one take! All on tape to get that vintage sound. (Jesse tells about it in RBO’s interview: https://www.karto.nl/?p=10417)

Jesse’s melancholic voice immediately took me to the Maverics’ singer Raoul Malo and Roy Orbisons high notes every now and then.

They call it roots music, but if I may be more specific, it can be country/ rockabilly too. In Party fools I like the acoustic sound, which is often hard te capture in a studio, with the electric guitar on top of it, giving that bigsby a swing!

Songs have enough variation, uptempo to slow. Great guitar sound, telecaster/ gretch. Although Jesse has this beautiful melancholic voice, it would be perfect if it gets more spiced up every once in a while.

However, good quality production, something different, specific Ollie Vee sound. If you are curious watch their video or listen to the songs on their website: http://ollievee.com/

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