The Burlesque Assassins

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The Burlesque Assassins is the first feature film of Canadian writer / director Jonathan Joffe, whose previous short films have earned him 20 awards and screened at over 50 festivals worldwide.

The Burlesque Assassins. Beautiful, deadly, and a vital weapon in the war against communism and tyranny that threaten our freedom.
Created during WWII by the lovers turned resistance fighters Johnny Valentine and Katarina Molotov, The Burlesque Assassins used the feminine charms of the dancehall to lure their way within killing distance of the top ranking members of the Nazi regime. Their mission, SEDUCE AND DESTROY.

The end of the war left one final mission for Johnny and Katarina, to track down a terrifying secret weapon… The Nazi Atomic Death Ray! But the death ray slipped through their grasp, and as the dawn of the cold war separated our lovers, a race to recover the diabolical weapon was on. Each encounter between our cold war spies offering a brief chance for the lovers to meet up once more.

10 years later a young Rock & Roll delinquent named Bourbon Sue (Roxi Dlite), finds herself being recruited by none other than Johnny Valentine into working as a Burlesque Assassin. She is teamed up with the demure Koko La Douce (Koko La Douce), and the vivacious Bombshell Belle (Kiki Kaboom), into the adventure of a lifetime. With time running out, and the fate of the free world on the line, The Burlesque Assassins gamble their lives on a shot to foil a deadly plot to enslave the world and destroy the forces of tyranny that threaten us all.

Shot in April of 2011 in Calgary Canada, The Burlesque Assassins was produced with the backing of Telefilm Canada and Superchannel. Most importantly The Burlesque Assassins would not have been possible without the amazing support and generosity of the international burlesque community, who have been inspirational to this project from day one.

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