Crazy Times Album Review – Swing your shoes off!

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Part 3: Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes – Real Rockin’ Papa

The Album Cover

The Album Cover

Before I started this review, I heard about this guys because they started appearing at some festivals I read about. I also read they were a rhythm and swingband.

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Shot of the band

Since I don’t hear that a lot, and because I’m a big fan of dancing, it made me curious. They weren’t kidding, this is a swing band! From the first song on you just want to put on your dancing shoes, grab a girl(or guy for the female readers 😉 ) and jump and jive all over the floor! The band has a swing formation complete with bass, piano and a horn section.

They start off with an upbeat song called “The Wobble”. I don’t know this dance, but I wanted to grab a girl and sway her all over the dance floor! The title song, Real Rockin’ Papa, has a raw blues sound in the singers voice, in perfect harmony with the horns and the piano. And There’s No Other Way makes me think about swing tunes of the 40’s, early 50’s. Which is, I think, exactly what they try to achieve. When I hear Nite And Day, I can’t help but hear Louis Prima applauding for these guys!

Conclusion: this is an album to dance to! You haven’t hear something like this since Louis Prima, Louis Jordan and the highdays of swing! The bass sounds in perfect harmony with the horns and piano. Perfect for all jivers, swingers and lindy hoppers out there 😀

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