Pinup of the week: Davina van Reusel

Posted by Miriam On July - 1 - 20133,629 views


Hello there!

My name is Davina Vanreusel. I’m 21 years old and I live in Bruges, Belgium.
I’ve always been fascinated by pinups & recently I’ve been asked to do a photoshoot with Photographer Kelly van Wonterghem ( wich is the photographer of the pictures I sent you) as a pinup, because of my overall look and especially for my red hair.

I’ve been doing photoshoots since I was 16 years old & now I’ve realised this is what I want to specialize myself in.

The style is something that really suits me and I hope to get a lot more oppertunities to grow in the Pinup-lifestyle.

Always feel free to contact me at !

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