Pinup of the week: Lauren Morton

Posted by Miriam On June - 17 - 20133,820 views


Hey there! I am Lauren Marie and I love all things 40’s and 50’s. I grew up listening to Big Band and the beginnings of Rock N’ Roll, watching black and white television shows, listening to the “latest” radio programs and I haven’t felt the need to look any further. There seems to be a simplicity about this time period that I am drawn to, that seems to have disappeared into a fast paced and technology inundated world in which most people today live. Though not new to the art and culture of pin-up, I am new to the idea of being in front of the camera. I love it! I could spend every second of my day posing and making eyes to the camera. I do believe this is a start of a beautiful relationship!

My photographer is the amazing and beautiful Iman Woods, who’s goal in life is to make every woman forget her own “flaws” and show them how beautiful they are in every way. It isn’t just photography. It is therapy that I don’t think any psychiatrist could touch.

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