Mississippi Queen: authentic style country-rockabilly from Croatia

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75053_417909568295962_380460875_nMississippi Queen is a rockabilly band from Croatia which is almost 25 years on the scene. Till now they recorded four albums, and new one will be finished at the end of the year for their home label  Rhythm Bomb Records. Members are: Don Karlos(voc/acustic), Jurica  Stelma(double bass), Gvozden Sopp(guitar) and Kruno Krapec(drums).
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How and when did you start?
We officially started in the fall of 1989. but before that,we were just hanging around on the parties and parks,singing’ doowoop and playing  guitars. After some time, that turn out to become Mississippi Queen.
How can you your music style be described?
In the beginning we played almost every root style (country, blues,  hillbilly, rockabilly), but after some time we’ve turned to a plain country-rockabilly, authentic style like they say today. But on our new  album you can expect something new, a little bit “more power” sound due  to a new member, the drummer.
Which artist started your love for rockabilly music?
 As a kid, sixth grade I think, I was blessed with Elvis Sun session record. Later in the high scool, it grew up, as I met other guys with the same passion for the old music. Back then, it was very hard to get any  kind of music, couse we were cut of of the rest of the Europe, and the  choice in the shops was poore. So we had to stick together, and exchange  the music. All the town was listening to the same stuff at that time! 🙂  We all started with the sun sessions(Perkins, Rich, Jerry…), and later  went to Austrias rockin’ record shops, and got influenced with  neorockabilly scene Stray Cats, Crazy Cavan, Jets and so on…
There are more than few influence, but maybe the most Johnny Burnette,
Sleepy LaBeef, Johnny Cash classic, we also love what Grady Martin did  in 50’s, there are also Johnny Horton. Then we have some influence in  outlaw country Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, David Allan Coe, George  Jones. During the years and we started in ’89 we were through all kinds  of fazes and we picked all kind of influences by the way.

Mississippi Queen

Yes in the beginning the songs were written by Jurica and me, later he  starts to work on his own project named Adam & His Nuclear Rockets,  so now most of the songs are written by me. The songs I  write are about life and all that comes with it, so the topics are more  than different. There are songs about women, love, cars, loneliness,  alcohol, parties, music, everything. I don’t write too simply and that  is maybe mistake. Nowadays nobody find the time to listen what someone  has to say, it’s all about rhythm.

What are your do’s and don’ts on stage?
For us, it’s all about music and the quality of performance.We give a lot of  energy, but not too much funny stuff on the stage. Clothes? Yes it’s  important, but we’re not slaves of the style. As I said before, when we  started, there wasn’t even records to buy, and the clothes we could only  dream about.We wore jeans, creeper shoes or boots, leather or baseball  jackets, and that’s it! Today, if you don’t have original made close from  the 50’s, everybodys laugh at you. I hate that, so I’m trying to keep  up, but always give tribute to my young days. 🙂
Do you like other styles than rockandroll?
Yes of course. I like the ol’ blues, country, Rat pack stile, big orchestras, acapela singin’, tex-mex…

Is there an artist you would like to work with in future?

I already did some with Rayburn Anthony, Jason Lee Wilson, Dough Wilshire,and that was awsome! We did one mutual project for Rhythm Bomb Records named “The  Cream of the crop”, and I’m looking forward for anyone who thinks that we are worth working with!
Where do you wish to play?
We still didn’t played on some top events of rockabilly music, and would  like to “collect” them all. But most of all, we would like to go “Down  under” to Adelaide. People down there like our way, and would be great to  visit them!
TMississippi Queenell us a fun story!
This years Cruiser Bounce in Austria was funny, couse I was realy sick on a bad way. I lost my ballance due to the legs problem, and even started to loose my hands too, so the people in the crowd where probably  thinkin:”This cat is dead drunk!”, ‘couse I had a “sailors walk” around  the stage. 🙂 But we did a great gig, and I end up in a hospital few days after. This way maybe don’t sound funny, but it was realy unusual, and  I’m OK now.
Do you regret anything?
We missed our first chance to hit the Europe due to our failure in the  Tail studio/Sweeden, and that stopped us for two years. I regret  that, and it was my mistake, ‘couse I was more a friend than a pro. I don’t wanna go out with the details, but I’ve learned the lesson.   13. What are your future plans?

For this  year we have plans to go out with our new album,and do a summer Germany  tour in late July and August. It will be two weeks long, and you can get more info on our web page http://mississippi-queen.weebly.com/

Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/rockabillymississippiqueen

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