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Like my ride at the Drive-in Barn

Posted by Baldcat On July - 5 - 2013

barn (1)Attention for everyone coming to the next Drive-in Barn (Rockabilly weekender 16th, 17th & 18th August) with a pre 65 vehicle. Send a picture of your ride your to: Drive-in Barn will post your picture in their ‘Like My Ride Gallery’ on Facebook (

The Ride with the most likes, will receive a Awesome ‘Facebook Award’ at the coming Drive-In Barn! (Only if you actually bring your ride!)

So send the best picture of your ride (car, bike, rocket or whatever!) to: Don’t forget to send your name with it as well.

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Rockabilly on the Route interview 4: Dustin Brown

Posted by bunny On May - 23 - 2013

Our next interviewee is Dustin Brown of Mr. Right and the Leftovers. Rockabilly on the Route is just a few short weeks away, so blast those motors and get ready to rock!

Tell us about yourself?

I been involved with music for about 15 years, started playing the guitar and then moved to the drums. I played drums in many bands over the years. I started to write songs for the last band I was playing drums with (Rusty Curtians). Members of that band moved to Massachusetts and thats when I decided to start Mr. Right and the Leftovers with Lou Gomes (Bassist) where I now play guitar and sing.

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Rockabilly on the Route Interview 1: Ungelbah Davila!

Posted by bunny On April - 3 - 2013

“Rockabilly on the the Route” is a festival presented by La Loca Magazine and Vive Le Rock Productions. The festival will also include Burlesque performances by Albuquerque’s Gilded Cage Burlesk & Variete, a pin-up girl contest for Miss Rockin’ Route 66 2013. The first year line-up includes headliners Wanda Jackson and the Chop Tops. With support by Danger*Cakes, the Shadowmen,the F-Bombs, and Mr. Right and the Leftovers. This is the first in a series of interviews high lighting the fest. Today we’re sitting down with co-founder Ungelbah Davila, aka La Loca Linda !


Your website states that you “draws inspiration from her own multiculturalism” as well as “classic Americana.” Give some detail on that and how it relates back to the scene?

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Wanda Jackson at the 2012 Lone-Star Round-up!

Posted by drew On May - 11 - 2012

I will apologize to our loyal readership for the belated nature of this story. It’s been a few weeks since the actual concert. I recently got married and went on my Honeymoon. With all of the build-up, planning, and aftershocks, I ‘m still playing catch-up.


This years Lone Star Round-up happened the weekend after my Honeymoon. As it is, I missed the entire first day of the festival due to driving back from New Orleans. Getting back home to Austin, Texas late Friday. My new wife, Jamie Bahr and I woke up the next morning, surprisingly refreshed from our long trek back home. “Wanna go see Wanda Jackson at the Round-up, this afternoon” I mumbled. We were still snuggling at this time. But there wasn’t much of debate on if this was a good idea or not. Pretty soon we were heading out, spirits high

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Saturday Night Cruise in The Hague

Posted by Baldcat On May - 19 - 2011

The Saturday Night Cruise  (SNC) is a car meeting especially for US car lovers. It’s monthly held from April till September in the south of The Hague (De Werf). During this car meeting you can admire hundreds of US cars en contact other carlovers.

Photo by Baldcat

There’s also music and a small market. Alle ingredients for a nice evening. SNC starts at 18.00 hours. Entrance with an American car is free for members. Otherwise you have to pay 5 euro. Visitors without a car can enjoy hundreds of US cars for free.

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Selling from the back of our van, super relaxed!

Posted by Baldcat On May - 10 - 2011

"No no, baby is not for sale!" Photo by Baldcat

It was a lot of fun to sell our stuff at the Cruise Inn car boot sale. Selling from the back of our van, nice people, great atmosphere, good music and nice sunny weather. Super relaxed!’ Diego van Uden said. Diego and his wife Sue (and their baby) sold 1950s goodies. ‘We actually never do this. Yes, once at the Rythm Riot in England. On sunday morning there was an inside flea market where sold some clothing. We mainly a bit of vintage and a bit of vintage-reproduction, shoes, hats and news boy hats. Nobody bought my Mares wetsuit whilst diving season is coming up.
The sales at the Cruise Inn car boot sale went rather well. Everything was low-priced. That helps. Allthough I’d rather packed two bags less when we went home. But we’re not complaining. Thanks to my love (Sue) we’ve sold a lot. She’s got feeling for presentation and always has a good chat with everyone.

The car boot sale at the Cruise inn was super. I hope more car boot sales will follow.’

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Queensday Car Boot Sales at the Cruise Inn, Amsterdam

Posted by Baldcat On May - 8 - 2011

Photo by Baldcat

In Holland rockabilly’s and other rock & roll lovers meet each other at the Cruise Inn. A great Rock and Roll, which was founded in 1982, cafe at the eastside of Amsterdam. For about 70 years the Dutch celebrate the birthday of their queen on saturday the 30th of April. A day of many traditions such as car boot sales and flea markets. Last April 30th the queen and Rock and Roll met at the Cruise Inn in the form of a successful car bootsale especially for those whole love and admire 1950s.
We asked the two organisors and enthousiasts of the Cruise Inn (just two of the many volunteers that help out at the Cruise Inn) Maurits ‘Sputnik’ Schelling and Marielle ’Swingtime’ Zaal some questions.

Maurits and Marielle Photo by Baldcat

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Viva Las Vegas: the hottest cars

Posted by Dee-Ann On May - 1 - 2011

At the parkinglot of Viva Las Vegas 2011 the proud owners of  the hottest cars showed off, and they had the right to. I could not decide on which I liked the most. But I don’t think it’s about deciding, it’s about feasting your eyes on all those beauties. I made a small selection of the ones that caught my eye. I’m a girl so don’t expect me to tell you all the details. Just enjoy.

I think for cars, red is like blonde for women.
Sandpapered gives it a rough and vintage look.

Green and gold car. The golden pattern is unique. 

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Lonestar Round-up 2011

Posted by drew On April - 13 - 2011

I was pulling double (maybe even triple?) duty this year at Austin’s annual celebration of sex, hot rods, and rock ‘n’ roll.  I was there to help promote my own event, the Spring Shock Hop.  I was also there to observe the yearly insanity and report it back here at Rockabilly Online. This year being the ten year mark, made my trek through the cars and the carnage a nostalgic one.  I remember when they could fit the whole Roundup in a High School foot ball stadium.  Now it’s grown into something that rivals even the mighty “Viva Las Vegas” out west.  As a Texan, it’s hard for me not to be proud.

Models: "Rockin' Couple from Austin" Photo: Cherrybones Photography!


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Lucy’s 1958 Buick Special

Posted by Dee-Ann On August - 14 - 2010

For 7 years now, Lucy is the proud owner of a Buick Special from 1958, two tone green, a V8 motor with a Dynaflow transmission.

Buick Special from 1958

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