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Candye Kane on new year’s resolutions

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 28 - 2010
Rockabilly-online has been asking around musicians, artists and models about their new years resolutions.
Today rhythm and blues singer Candye Kane about her plans:
Candye: I have a New Years gig at the belly up tavern in solana beach. My resolution is to save more money so I have money next year at this time. No matter how hard I work all year, im always broke when December rolls around. Next year, I swear I will save.

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Bernie Dexter and X-mas vintage films

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 25 - 2010
Rockabilly-online has been asking around musicians, artists and models about what Christmas means to them.
Today Bernie Dexter shares a peek in her life around and about Christmas:

Photo by Levi Dexter

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Nightmare before Christmas with Lil Bit

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 24 - 2010

I love everything about Christmas. I especially like the transition between Halloween to Christmas. Since I have a massive collection of Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations I like to combine the two holidays. I especially love converting the Christmas tree from a plain old noble fir to a festive Halloween Christmas tree. I like to add a few skulls next to the Santa Claus Christmas balls. You’d be amazed how well it works.
One of the best parts of the Holiday is spending time with the family.

Photo/Edit: Gina Marie From Strapped Photography, Hair/MUA : Veronica CGDs and Amelia Dinmore

I love how we all can come together and cook a delicious meal sit down and reminisce about Christmas past. We stay up late drinking wine while the kids eagerly await the clock to strike Midnight. Once the count down begins and the clock strikes 12. The kids make a mad dash to the gifts. They tear and shred the Christmas paper making it snow in the living room. After the clean up is over all that left is to reflect and contemplate about the New Year. I normally don’t make a resolution. If anything in the past year has taught me anything is that life is short. I need to slow down and appreciate every moment for it maybe our last. Tell the one’s you love them while you can. I’ll see you in 2011!

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Christmas Time @ The Rockabella

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 23 - 2010
For my family and me it will be a very special Xmas. Our daughter Devlynn is now 3 years of age and loves everhing about Christmas. Seeing your daughter shine like a star when she sees christmas tree or little villages with al their little lights makes it more special for us to.
We allready have the most beautyfull christmas tree standing in our living room with lot’s of presents underneath.

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Yule with Ruby Joule!

Posted by RubyJoule On December - 21 - 2010
Ruby Joule

Warm wishes from Ruby Joule!

Ahh the holidays… the sound of sleighbells, brightly colored strings of lights, wafts of the latest designer fragrance… The whole world gets dolled up in festive bling.  Here in my hometown of Austin, Texas, blankets of brown leaves, rather than snow, cover the ground.  But early winter here is one of the most glorious times, as the short days are filled with crisp breezes, brilliant sunshine, and blue skies.

For the past several years, my holidays have been marked by burlesque performances to celebrate the season.  There’s the “Snow Queen” (68 inches of fresh powder!), “The Sugar Plum Fairy,” and the traditional hula duet, “Christmas Island,” which I perform with my cohort, Coco Lectric.  But it can’t be all work and no play! No, no.  There are far too many opportunities to revel in the spirit of joy and companionship.

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Xmas with the WyattChristmas Trio

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 21 - 2010

Rockabilly-online has been asking around musicians, artists and models about what Christmas means to them. Today The WyattChristmas Trio share a peek in their life around and about Christmas:

Andy WyattChristmas

Can you tell me, how you celebrate Christmas?

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Doris Mayday under her pink X-mas tree

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 19 - 2010
Rockabilly-online has been asking around musicians, artists and models about what Christmas means to them. Today Doris Mayday shares a peek in her life around and about Christmas:

Photo by Steve el Roca

I always start my Christmas with Midight mass on Christmas Eve. I’ll even go by myself if no one will go with me ; I won’t shake that tradition!

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Let it snow

Posted by Miriam On December - 18 - 2010

What means Christmas to me? First of all, I think it’s a romantic time, especially because my husband dropped the big question at Christmas…. (already quite a few years ago).
But I like the season anyway. To get in the mood for Christmas I’ll visit the cosy decorated shopping malls, buy presents and of course decorate the Christmas tree.
I think a Christmas tree should be real, I don’t like the fake stuff, so we keep searching until we’ve found a beautiful one. Days before Christmas I get my cookbooks from the shelves to come up with delicious recipes.
This time I baked some nice Christmas cup cakes together with my daughter, she likes to be busy with her mom in the kitchen. At her school they organize a Christmas dinner where everyone makes a dish. Before dinner all the kids get together around the fire, to sing Christmas carols.
And of course during the baking and cooking at home, we listen to nice Christmas music. As a real Elvis fan, my favourite Christmas song is Blue Christmas. Although, Merry Christmas Baby is also a great song. Elvis his favourite time of year was Christmas and he has recorded quite a few Christmas CDs. Maybe there will be a day that I’ll visit Graceland at Christmas time…
But to spice up this article I’ve chosen for a video by Brian Setzer. This video was recorded live at the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Christmas Extravaganza show in 2005 in the USA and when you hear this song you really getting into the Christmas mood.
I saw Brian live 2 years ago (with The Stray Cats) in Amsterdam, but if he would visit the Netherlands with his Christmas show, I would certainly go.
Last year we could literally sing the song White Christmas, because on Christmas day it began to snow in the Netherlands. I hope this year will be a white Christmas too; on Christmas eve we’re going on a trip to the woods, with our whole family. How romantic… walking in the snow, drinking a hot chocolate and even a visit from Santa himself.
The next day when we come home we will make a nice Christmas dinner for everyone and our favourite dessert is chocolate fondue. Very nice with marshmallows, banana and strawberries.
Have a rockin’ Christmas everyone!!!

Angel on X-mas

Posted by Angel On December - 15 - 2010

What does Christmas do for me? That’s what Rockabilly-online’s Dee-ann asked me… Well..Not a terrible lot. Don’t get me wrong, i DO like Christmas trees..In a forrest or in somebode else’s living room. I live alone so where the tree could be standing i have my special place were i put my wood. I love wood. My maple wood, my laquered wood. My tweed covered wood. I could go on and on about my wood. How it vibrates….
Fender Vibroverb amp, Airline and Zephyr Blues Deluxe

And it does vibrate..The wood in my Gretsch does (although some say my Gretsch is made out of cardboard), especially when my doublebass Brother slaps his wood. He seems to need a large piece of wood (about 6 feet high through a 400 watt piece of wood) to get my wood to vibrate. That’s what i’d like to do on Christmas eve; Play… till the sweat runs down my crack..uhh back!

But… since my band doesn’t have gigs on Christmas eve i’ll just listen to my masters of which i’ll give you some listening tips for Christmas: Quiet and peaceful, swingin’ excellence, and total Christmas fun!

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Kiti Kobain about X-mas PJ’s

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 14 - 2010

Rockabilly-online has been asking around musicians, artists and models about what Christmas means to them.
Today Kiti Kobain shares a peek in her life around and about Christmas:

Xquzit PiX Photography, MU: Christa Adamson, Hair: Xquizit Hair

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