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Hug Me Baby: Jeans that fit your super curves!

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 1 - 2014

Lady K Loves’ fantastic new high waist stretch jean, in a slim fit leg, cut for super curvy girls.

Do you have a hip to waist ratio Marilyn would be proud of? Is it a nightmare finding the perfect pair of jeans? Lady K Loves understand the frustration finding the perfect pair of high waisted jeans can be. Shopping can drive you mad! You either have to squeeze into a tight and uncomfortable pair of jeans or surrender and wear a bigger size that is loose fitted around your waist.

Lady K Loves HMB JeansThese amazing high-waisted and slim fit jeans are designed to flatter those super curvy figures. Hug Me Babies are the perfect pair of jeans that will embrace your curvy figure, accentuate your waist and also really comfortable to wear! Cut to be a snug fit and made from dark medium weight stretch denim, making them a figure-hugging and slimming pair of jeans. To sprinkle a little more perfection to these beautiful jeans, we added some more subtle elements so your bum looks visually lifted and slimmer, two-tone stitching, sweetheart yolk, and riveted pockets.

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Rockabilly is taking over the Rotterdam (again)

Posted by Rocky On June - 21 - 2014
Photo by Terral Bouman

Photo by Terral Bouman

All of my 22 years here on earth I’ve lived in Rotterdam. I grew up with wild rockin’ stories about jivin’ in Jailhouse Place, and late nights at The Flaming Star. But those places are no more 🙁 So I traveled all over the country for party’s, thinking that rockabilly in Rotterdam is gone. Until the last few months!

It started with a event called “De Rotte Tiet”. In english, translates to ” the rotten titty”. But let me explain! The name came from a parody of The Titty Twister, from From Dusk Till Dawn! Born from the brains of Jesse van der Heijden and Dennis Klootwijk, the plan is to organize a party, where you can just be yourself. Guys can be just classy lads, girls can be pretty ladies! Not like the disco,hipster and hiphopin’ folk on the regular places. The evening is filled with dirty Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly, boppin’ tracks! Hans Worst is there to still you’re hunger with sauce, right from the grill. You can have you’re picture taken! And it goes on till late! I know, because I spinned the wax there! I danced like crazy when I didn’t spin. But the best part, I saw the older generation rockers and the newer generation in one place! So I highly recommend to go there! And I Look forward to the next edition!

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Rock ‘n’Roll trip to Geldrop

Posted by Rocky On February - 26 - 2014

The Red Fox, in Geldrop

As i was on a family vacation in Brabant, near Eindhoven Rockcity, because my grandparents had a golden wedding day (50 years), my family decided to go to Geldrop , to the Red Fox, the new shop from the rock and roll clothingsite The shop was opened recently by Jack Plantaz and his wife Liesbeth, and they specialize in steady-clothing, Rumble59, swingclothing and dresses. When we got there, she offered us a cup of coffee and a coke, while we waited and tried on some steady-blouses. I tried on a model with nice V8 shaped buttons. And being the ted that I am, I tried on some nice pointy creep soles with buckle 😀 Liesbeth told us about how the site started as a hobby, and that it got a little out of hand! She also had ideas to get customers to the shop, for example she advertised with free beer and burgers on Sunday, and she’s planning for a tattoo artist to come in the shop! We left the store with a bag full


Entrance of the diner

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Born Bad in Paris

Posted by Miriam On August - 6 - 2013

DSC00175This summer I’ve visited Paris in France. Because it was the third time on a row and I’ve already seen all the highlights, I thought it would be a great idea to plan a ‘Rockabilly-day’ in this beautiful city of lights.
It’s crazy to walk through the city with 38 degrees Celsius and hope to find a shop, so I was well prepared and looked it up at the Internet.

The first stop was at BDSC00167orn Bad Recordshop in the 11th district (11 Rue Saint-Sabin). A record shop with its own label that has signed excellent French rock groups. But they also got an array of cool sound, from punk and 70s rock ‘n’ roll, to blues and hardcore. There’s even a special rockabilly and 50’s section.
A shop not to miss. But that wasn’t all, they also got a sister store nearby in the district Bastille (17 Rue Keller) called Born Bad Retro Clothing. As soon as I walked in, it really made me feel like I was in the fifties. The store was very nicely decorated and they offer a wide range of Tiki collectables, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, Rock ‘n’ Roll books, lots of jewelry and of course bags which I couldn’t resist….DSC00168
Very friendly staff who gave me the opportunity to shoot some pictures.
Just a shop to visit, whenever you’re in Paris!

And what is a better place to end your shopping day in style? To have a burger and a milkshake (or something else like a Be-bop Bananasplit) in Happy Days Diner.
A diner with american specialties in a fifties decor. In Paris you can find 5 of these diners, but also in other French cities like Lyon, Lille and Biarritz.

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CONTEST: Baby stuff to win!

Posted by Miriam On March - 1 - 2013

Last October we’ve already introduced you to the fabulous company from New Jersey USA, Sourpuss Clothing (
An independent company, started in 2000 and specialized in awesome gear with style.
Besides all the accessories like handbags, hair goods, hair care, jewelry, patches, sunglasses, house goods etc. they are specialised in clothing for men and women.
But don’t forget the kids. For young and older kids they’ve got really nice stuff.
To promote their awesome baby stuff they’ve come up with the idea to run a contest for our readers.


This is the opportunity to win this great baby stuff. What you need to do?
Well, make a picture of yourself with your baby, dressed up in rockabilly style and send this picture before March 15 to this address:

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Sourpuss Clothing; for an outfit with style!

Posted by Miriam On October - 26 - 2012

We’ve really got a nice request; this time from Sourpuss Clothing from New Jersey, USA.
Sourpuss Clothing is an independent company, started in 2000 and specialized in awesome gear with style. Lots of style. Not only rockabilly, but also for a rock or alternative style you can order here.
But they don’t only sell clothing for guys, gals and kids, they also have lots of accessories like handbags, hair goods, hair care, jewelry, patches, sunglasses, house goods, you name it, they’ve got it.

They sell their own brand Sourpuss, but also over 4000 items from other favourite brands like Tripp NYC, Kreepsville 666, Attempt, Paperdoll, Lucky 13, Felon, King Kerosin, Dickies Girl, Toxico, Rock Rebel, Lux Deville, Sin in Linen, Lip Service, Steady, Pin up Couture, Hell Bunny, Loungefly, Retro A go-go, TUK, Iron Fist, Special Effects, Liquor Brand, Heartbreaker Fashions, Switchblade Stiletto, Sullen, Trophy Queen, Sailor Jerry, Rock Rebel, Kustom Voodoo, Manic Panic, Bordello Heels and many many more brands.

To begin with, we would like to first introduce you to the men’s line.
For the men they’ve got beaters, button downs, footwear, hooded sweatshirts, outerwear, pants, polos, shorts, sweaters, band t-shirts, t-shirts long sleeves, t-shirts originals, track jackets and of course belts, belt buckles, grooming, hats, ties, wallets and other kinds of accessories.
Every week you can find new arrivals on the site, so it’s interesting to keep this in mind.

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Schorem Barber

Posted by Rocky On September - 3 - 2012

Hello fellow Rockabillies,

This article isn’t about music, or about pin-ups. This article is about a barbershop. But not just A barbershop!

Schorem haarsnijder and barber started in 2011 with a old principle: that there has to be a place where a man can be with ONLY other man. Sure, we like women, but sometimes we just need some alone-time!

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Dressed up and undressed at Sluijter and Meijer

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 24 - 2012

Picture by Dee Ann

I had a large Gloria Vanderbilt bag filled up with a selection of my clothes and boots that I don’t wear much anymore. I knew about a very cute shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sluijter and Meijer which takes in your goods, also artwork and they sell it for you.

Marijke Meijer and Carla Sluijter are the owners of this shop, which opened in januari 2011. Marijke worked as a decor builder and designer for 20 years. Carla was the owner of Strand aan de Maas, an artifical created beach in the city center of Rotterdam. Work was getting tougher, and the crisis was kickin’ in. Together they decided to have a career change. They wanted to be a platform for artists and designers to display and sell their work. The idea of a shop was born, combined with selling new and second hand clothes and gifts.

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Cotton Candies

Posted by Miriam On October - 8 - 2011

Cotton Candies is a dutch webshop with trendy and unique fashion T-shirts and jewelry with a vintage and retro wink. Everything is handmade and of each item, there are just a few items for sale, so if you’ll order something here, you’re absolutely original!
The owner of the webshop, Melina van Hilten, is inspired by vintage pin-ups, Rockabillies & Betties, the American fifties, the style icons Marilyn and Audrey, but also Paris!
Last week Cotton Candies is nominated for the Design Contest of the best Webshop in the Netherlands. The shop is totally restyled and is therefore 1 of the 6 nominees. If you like, you can vote for Cotton Candies on Facebook on option nr. 5:
A nice opportunity to ask Melina some questions about her shop. 

How did you come to the idea of this webshop?
Somewhere the entrepreneurship has always attracted me. When I saw an add on the Internet two years ago of the company Spreadshirt, I was immediately enthusiastic. Through them you could start your own free t-shirt shop. It seemed like a fun and easy way to try it out how and if a reply would be to my designs. It was a nice opportunity to practise and play a little with my designs. My very first sale, I hadn’t seen it coming at all!
Things get moving and soon I wanted to be self-employed. After three months I said goodbye to Spreadshirt.  

Tell us about your career in the past; have you’ve always been in the fashionworld?
I’ve always had a passion for fashion and therefore I would love to go in fashion. I’ve studied Fashion and Trade and maybe now I sound very old, but at the time there were no online shops and it was necessary to have a trademan’s diploma to become an entrepreneur. After my studies I had one job in the fashion world, but then because of circumstances I ended up at the office. But after many years and more office jobs, fashion always attracted me! 

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Showgirl Adventure: Toronto Burlesque Fest 2011 pt.1

Posted by RubyJoule On August - 23 - 2011

I was incredibly honored to be selected to perform in the 4th annual Toronto International Burlesque Festival and was so excited to make my international debut– but the night before I was to fly to Canada, all I could think was, “I have no pastie tape!”  I tore my place apart and rang up some showgirl friends, all to no avail; and the shops were all closed.  How unprofessional!  How could I let this happen? Could I use eyelash glue instead? Oh dear– I’d have to get past my embarrassment and rely on the kindness (hopefully) of a fellow showgirl backstage.  But I couldn’t think about that now, I’d think about that tomorrow a la Scarlett O’Hara.  I had a plane to catch!

photo by Nathan Black


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Mainlanders Mega Tiki store San Diego

Posted by Dee-Ann On June - 1 - 2011

Mainlanders Tiki Store San Diego

We were on our way to the Betty Page store in the Gaslamp District in San Diego when, much to our surprise, we passed a tiki store called “Mainlanders”. They say they’re the leader in importing and manufacturing tropical tiki products. They are the direct source for wholesale and specialize in tiki statues, masks, signs, thatch, bamboo and more. I think a lot of their woodwork comes from Indonesia.

We didn’t know where to start looking. So much nice tiki stuff to see. We started at the men’s shirts. Reasonable prices and very good quality fabrics. Also the prints we love, next to the hawaiian flowers they had bamboo and surfboard prints. Cute!Not so much clothing for woman unfortunately. But they’re forgiven, as the Betty Page store is just around the corner :P. Well they had pink flipflops with a huge flower between the toes.

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Charlotte Cargin and Jane Skovgaard are the visionaries behind the Charlotte & Jane brand. Charlotte is a graduate of the St Martin’s College of Art and Design and Jane, who is originally from Zimbabwe, studied Fine Art in Durban and has also worked in interior design and textiles.

Inspired by the elegance, femininity and glamour of the ‘50s, the Charlotte & Jane brand is 100% Irish. Designing in their studio in Kinsale Co. Cork, Charlotte & Jane employ Cork based seamstresses and source their wool, tweed and linen fabrics from Irish mills throughout the country. Based in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Charlotte and Jane blend their artistic talent and creativity to produce dresses which have been described as ‘timeless’ and ‘heirlooms’.

Charlotte & Jane offer something a little different as if customers do not wish to buy ‘off the peg’ as such, they can visit the website and create their ‘perfect’ dress – choosing from the wide range of designs, fabrics, colour combinations, sleeve style and length.
Charlotte and Jane are also happy to speak to customers if they would like advice on the style/colours to best suit them.

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Buffalo Gal Vintage

Posted by Miriam On March - 19 - 2011

Buffalo Gal Vintage Clothing Accessories and Gifts is a retro retailer who supplies and celebrates American Fashion History. Buffalo Gal Vintage provides the finest Men’s and Women’s antique, vintage and new reproduction clothing.
Buffalo Gal Vintage clothing  brings to market men and women’s retro and vintage accessories and kitschy humorous gifts. Buffalo Gal even offers eye candy! Yep, Personalized Pin-Up Photography… of You! Buffalo Gal Vintage Started in 2004 on the internet and soon expended into her brick and mortar location.
Nestled in historic downtown St. Petersburg, Buffalo Gal Vintage is located at 911 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL. Two stories of a 1930’s house, it is stocked with quality yesteryear and reproduction fashions, accessories and gifts.

Buffalo Gal Vintage Fashion:  Treasure hunt amongst their authentic one of kind, retro and antique clothing.  If you’re a collector, you’ll be satisfied with their 1800’s to 1920’s historical clothing. Love unique style? Then, you’re gonna love their affordable laundered mint condition vintage clothing dating up to the 1970’s. They pride ourselves in offering pre loved impeccable cleaned and restored garments. Have hard time finding retro apparel in the right size? Buffalo Gal Vintage carries new reproduction clothing too. Looking for Victorian, Edwardian, Mid- Century, Rockabilly, Steamer Punk or Goth clothing, you’ve found the right place.

Buffalo Gal Vintage Gifts: Scouting for humorous gifts, but don’t want to settle for typical gag gifts? Buffalo Gal Vintage carries high-quality funny and unique gifts.  Additionally, they feature merchandise created within community harmony. Throughout the store, from gift cards to paintings, local artist and crafts persons are featured.

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Lady Jojo’s Boutique brings some glam to Edinburgh

Posted by Jodie On November - 28 - 2010

Lady Jojo's Boutique in Edinburgh's Grassmarket

I’m new to Edinburgh.  In fact, it’s been just a little over two months since I landed my two feet on the cobblestone streets of this beautiful city.

A consumer to the core, I had already researched the ins and outs of Edinburgh’s shops before arriving.  I thought I knew it all. But one never really knows a city until they’ve explored every side-street, tunnel and close.  While visiting the city’s infamous Grassmarket, I came across a little purple shop that caught my eye – Lady Jojo’s Boutique. I had not encountered this shop during my pre-arrival research, but that made finding it all the more exciting. And I knew I had to share my discovery with all of you lovely folk.

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Glamrock clothing: Maximum rock and roll couture

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 23 - 2010

Patrick, Dieuwerke and Puck

The young and fast upcoming Dutch online store Glamrock clothing is everywhere I look. In magazines, on flyers, websites and on every rockabilly- or tattoo event in The Netherlands and Belgium. Marrying couples buying their wedding clothes at Glamrock clothing, people sending me their URL. Why all the fuss about this shop? What’s the secret of their success?

The owners of this webshop, Dieuwerke and Patrick, live in Rotterdam. They love good Rockabilly music and go out and see bands regularly. I had a date with them, and their sweet little doggie Puck at a diner café, the Westerpaviljoen in Rotterdam.

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Daddy-os: Where the coolest get their coolness

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 14 - 2010

Daddy-O’s was established in 1996 by a husband and wife who were frustrated with the lack of affordable,  good quailty vintage clothing. After discovering that a few companies were making “new” old style retro clothing, their vision came clear. They knew that there had to be others sharing their frustration and decided that a presence on the web would be a perfect solution.
I am talking to Bob Berry of Daddy-O’s clothing.

Do you have a passion for the vintage fashion style, or also for rock and roll music and other vintage related things?
We have always had a passion for all things vintage and have always been big fans of the stylings of the 40’s and 50’s when it comes to cars, furniture, music and especially clothing.

Are there celebrities buying at your shop?
Yes, we have provided clothing for a great deal of celebrities.  A few have been Brian Setzer, Guy Fieri, Gilles Marini, Joe Mantegna, Kristin Chenoweth, Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Osbourne and many others.  We have provided clothing for movies and TV shows like “My One And Only”, “Smallville”, “The Middle”, “The View” and many others.

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Sprinkles: the perfect wannabites!

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 13 - 2010

Sprinkles cupcakes

I was watching MTV cribs last week (in the Netherlands) and there it was… I’m not talking about that massive mansion, the numerous cars… no… there it was… a box of pinkalicious, chocoplosion, creamacious SPRINKLES cupcakes! I never seen such a beauties where I live. We have no Sprinkles bakery in our country. But I can almost taste them by looking at the pictures.

So what’s got cupcakes to do with Rockabilly? I think they look very classic and would perfectly fit in Audrey Hepburns hand while talking to Doris Day in a scene where they have tea with Sprinkles cupcakes. Wouldn’t they?

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HeartSizedCrush: Tattoo Inspired Wearable Art

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 8 - 2010

Karla Thomson of HeartSizedCrush asked us of Rockabilly-online to take a look at her Rockabilly jewelry. She is a single mom of a 5-year old boy who is the light of her life. Her other light is her online Jewelry shop where she sells hand made jewelry shaped as hearts, pistols and skulls. 


Karla: “HeartSizedCrush was born from the love of music, tattoo’s, & DIY.  The name HeartSizedCrush comes from one of my favorite Devil Doll songs.  She has been an inspiration in my life for over a decade with her lyrics, style, & her beautiful soul.  When I decided to start selling my jewelry, the name HeartSizedCrush just seemed to fit really well.  

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Lady K Loves clothing

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 6 - 2010

She’s Rockabilly-Online’s sponsor: Kessie and her Lady K Loves pinup clothing shop at the Coast of the UK. Kessie designs the clothes and works out the patterns. She does a bit of everything for her shop.

Photy by Janette @ terribly girly, model Miss Nicole Nunez

When it comes to music, she’s been listening to a lot of Straight 8’s recently, and always loved Tiger Army, though the first album and EP were the high lights for her. Anything from the original stars of the rockabilly scene to more recent stuff, rock’n’roll, swing, jazz, David Bowie! She’s into surf and covers. Her boyfriend picked up a great album of covers of everything from Britney Spears to Bohemian Rapsody played on the uke the other day, that always puts a smile on her face.

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K von Curve: I only feel comfortable when I’m not comfortable

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 16 - 2010

We all think of the Western World when thinking of rockabilly and pinups. No not only the Wild Wild West, but also Europe. ;-p. We hardly think of the Middle East being a pinup culture. And that’s not so strange, because is there any over there? I think I found the pioneer of pinup lifestyle in the middle of the desert:
K von Curve! She’s only just begun, so let’s see how her mission unfolds.


Photo by: Beauty Art Studio's

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