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Showgirl Adventure: Montreal Burlesque Fest 2011, pt. 2

Posted by RubyJoule On December - 25 - 2011

We must have had more fun Friday night than we knew, because no one could be roused until 1:00pm on Saturday!  I popped a flower in my hair and walked with Michelle L’Amour and David around the corner to Roberto’s for lasagna and cappuccino; the breakfast of burlesque champions.  They had an awfully tempting selection of gelato too – perhaps we would come back later for that.  The front of the café was open to the sidewalk, so we sat in the delicious early afternoon breeze and watched passersby.

Later that day, some mutual friends of the festival from Las Vegas, Heather and Rolando, drove me into Old Port, the historic district of Old Montreal.  Eroded cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, art galleries, and umbrella festooned sidewalk eateries marked this wonderful part of the city.  The solid old stone buildings towered on either side of the streets, at once gracious and imposing.

Since Heather and Rolando had not joined us for the “breakfast of burlesque champions” earlier, we stopped at a little sidewalk bistro, Le Sauvagine, with tables nestled beneath giant orange umbrellas.  I ordered a rosé and gazed at the people passing by from behind my big dark sunglasses.  Then… a familiar figure emerged from the crowd.  Rolando exclaimed, ‘look who it is!’ The lovely Roxi D’Lite (BHOF Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2010) was headed our way.

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Cotton Candies

Posted by Miriam On October - 8 - 2011

Cotton Candies is a dutch webshop with trendy and unique fashion T-shirts and jewelry with a vintage and retro wink. Everything is handmade and of each item, there are just a few items for sale, so if you’ll order something here, you’re absolutely original!
The owner of the webshop, Melina van Hilten, is inspired by vintage pin-ups, Rockabillies & Betties, the American fifties, the style icons Marilyn and Audrey, but also Paris!
Last week Cotton Candies is nominated for the Design Contest of the best Webshop in the Netherlands. The shop is totally restyled and is therefore 1 of the 6 nominees. If you like, you can vote for Cotton Candies on Facebook on option nr. 5:
A nice opportunity to ask Melina some questions about her shop. 

How did you come to the idea of this webshop?
Somewhere the entrepreneurship has always attracted me. When I saw an add on the Internet two years ago of the company Spreadshirt, I was immediately enthusiastic. Through them you could start your own free t-shirt shop. It seemed like a fun and easy way to try it out how and if a reply would be to my designs. It was a nice opportunity to practise and play a little with my designs. My very first sale, I hadn’t seen it coming at all!
Things get moving and soon I wanted to be self-employed. After three months I said goodbye to Spreadshirt.  

Tell us about your career in the past; have you’ve always been in the fashionworld?
I’ve always had a passion for fashion and therefore I would love to go in fashion. I’ve studied Fashion and Trade and maybe now I sound very old, but at the time there were no online shops and it was necessary to have a trademan’s diploma to become an entrepreneur. After my studies I had one job in the fashion world, but then because of circumstances I ended up at the office. But after many years and more office jobs, fashion always attracted me! 

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Showgirl Adventure: 10 Summer Glamour Tips

Posted by RubyJoule On July - 30 - 2011

Once upon a time, I found myself on tour with the blazin’ hot band, Johnny Hootrock, barrelling through the even hotter Death Valley (117 degrees during the day!) in a darling RV, with a less than darling broken air conditioner.  When we pulled up to the honky-tonk in Arizona, my cohort Coco Lectric and I had to quickly get into glamour mode and put on a top-notch show for those fine folks.  That was some challenge, let me tell you!  Just a couple of hours earlier, we’d decided bikinis were the only acceptable outfits to wear on this trip, and had taken to spraying ourselves down with water bottles to keep from spontaneously combusting!

Coco and Ruby in the desert...

Now that was a rather extreme situation, but since we seem to be having a global heat wave, I wanted to share some tricks I’ve learned for maintaining that glamorous demeanor, from growing up in Texas…

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Angel on X-mas

Posted by Angel On December - 15 - 2010

What does Christmas do for me? That’s what Rockabilly-online’s Dee-ann asked me… Well..Not a terrible lot. Don’t get me wrong, i DO like Christmas trees..In a forrest or in somebode else’s living room. I live alone so where the tree could be standing i have my special place were i put my wood. I love wood. My maple wood, my laquered wood. My tweed covered wood. I could go on and on about my wood. How it vibrates….
Fender Vibroverb amp, Airline and Zephyr Blues Deluxe

And it does vibrate..The wood in my Gretsch does (although some say my Gretsch is made out of cardboard), especially when my doublebass Brother slaps his wood. He seems to need a large piece of wood (about 6 feet high through a 400 watt piece of wood) to get my wood to vibrate. That’s what i’d like to do on Christmas eve; Play… till the sweat runs down my crack..uhh back!

But… since my band doesn’t have gigs on Christmas eve i’ll just listen to my masters of which i’ll give you some listening tips for Christmas: Quiet and peaceful, swingin’ excellence, and total Christmas fun!

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HeartSizedCrush: Tattoo Inspired Wearable Art

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 8 - 2010

Karla Thomson of HeartSizedCrush asked us of Rockabilly-online to take a look at her Rockabilly jewelry. She is a single mom of a 5-year old boy who is the light of her life. Her other light is her online Jewelry shop where she sells hand made jewelry shaped as hearts, pistols and skulls. 


Karla: “HeartSizedCrush was born from the love of music, tattoo’s, & DIY.  The name HeartSizedCrush comes from one of my favorite Devil Doll songs.  She has been an inspiration in my life for over a decade with her lyrics, style, & her beautiful soul.  When I decided to start selling my jewelry, the name HeartSizedCrush just seemed to fit really well.  

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