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Sourpuss Clothing; for an outfit with style!

Posted by Miriam On October - 26 - 2012

We’ve really got a nice request; this time from Sourpuss Clothing from New Jersey, USA.
Sourpuss Clothing is an independent company, started in 2000 and specialized in awesome gear with style. Lots of style. Not only rockabilly, but also for a rock or alternative style you can order here.
But they don’t only sell clothing for guys, gals and kids, they also have lots of accessories like handbags, hair goods, hair care, jewelry, patches, sunglasses, house goods, you name it, they’ve got it.

They sell their own brand Sourpuss, but also over 4000 items from other favourite brands like Tripp NYC, Kreepsville 666, Attempt, Paperdoll, Lucky 13, Felon, King Kerosin, Dickies Girl, Toxico, Rock Rebel, Lux Deville, Sin in Linen, Lip Service, Steady, Pin up Couture, Hell Bunny, Loungefly, Retro A go-go, TUK, Iron Fist, Special Effects, Liquor Brand, Heartbreaker Fashions, Switchblade Stiletto, Sullen, Trophy Queen, Sailor Jerry, Rock Rebel, Kustom Voodoo, Manic Panic, Bordello Heels and many many more brands.

To begin with, we would like to first introduce you to the men’s line.
For the men they’ve got beaters, button downs, footwear, hooded sweatshirts, outerwear, pants, polos, shorts, sweaters, band t-shirts, t-shirts long sleeves, t-shirts originals, track jackets and of course belts, belt buckles, grooming, hats, ties, wallets and other kinds of accessories.
Every week you can find new arrivals on the site, so it’s interesting to keep this in mind.

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Rockstar Furniture badass beds…

Posted by Dee-Ann On June - 5 - 2012

Will Colins of Rockabilly Furniture showed me his website If you are looking for something else in furniture, check out his website. They sell beds with names like Rockabilly Rockstar or Born to lose, live to win.

Will tells us about the Geisha bed:

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Tiki Paradise build by Marco and Joyce

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 6 - 2011

The Tikigarden from Marco and Joyce.

The idea to create a garden in tikistyle started with the build of a porch in tikistyle about 5 years ago. We already had the idea to build a porch before, but we didn’t know what materials we would like to use. Because I always search the internet for fifties and rockabillystuf  I found a picture of a tikistatue that stood in front of a porch of bamboo. At that moment I knew how our porch would look like.

Later I found out that the porch on the picture stood in the garden of Stacycats drummer Marco.

Tiki Paradise

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All aboard! Steam Ship Rotterdam’s interior

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 16 - 2011

newly covered chairs in red and blue

Steam Ship Rotterdam was built from 1956 – 1959, to transport passengers from The Netherlands into their new adventure in The United States of America. It’s first journey on September 3rd 1959, was to New York. The Dutch Princess Beatrix, travelled along. Nowadays, this ship is located in the Rotterdam harbour and is used for entertainment, wining and dining and a hotel.

Triangle shaped table of plastic and aluminum

J.A. van Tienhoven, was one of the interor designers ( 1907-1971) of this ship, especially the furniture. He designed furniture for 250 shipinteriors. The furniture had to be easy to maintain so he used a lot of modern material like plastic, imitation leather, vinyl, fineer and oxidized aluminum.

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Mainlanders Mega Tiki store San Diego

Posted by Dee-Ann On June - 1 - 2011

Mainlanders Tiki Store San Diego

We were on our way to the Betty Page store in the Gaslamp District in San Diego when, much to our surprise, we passed a tiki store called “Mainlanders”. They say they’re the leader in importing and manufacturing tropical tiki products. They are the direct source for wholesale and specialize in tiki statues, masks, signs, thatch, bamboo and more. I think a lot of their woodwork comes from Indonesia.

We didn’t know where to start looking. So much nice tiki stuff to see. We started at the men’s shirts. Reasonable prices and very good quality fabrics. Also the prints we love, next to the hawaiian flowers they had bamboo and surfboard prints. Cute!Not so much clothing for woman unfortunately. But they’re forgiven, as the Betty Page store is just around the corner :P. Well they had pink flipflops with a huge flower between the toes.

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The interior of Patrick and Dieuwerke

Posted by Lisa On April - 9 - 2011


What’s your profession?
I am a file editor at Erasmus Medisch Centrum and Dieuwerke is purser on a airline company.

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Brie and Daafs American Kitchen

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 15 - 2011
Brie and Daaf (from the Netherlands) are the proud owners of this American Kitchen. They bought it in Wijchen (NL) about three months ago. They have been told that the kitchen could be used and build in as it was. But unfortunately, that was too good to be true. An original vintage kitchen takes a lot of determination to get it perfectly fit in your house. This is how they did it:
American Kitchen of Brie and Daaf

Daaf: “First we put the cabinets in place and sand the front. After that, primed it and varnished it twice. Then the doors, front and back. We thought about having it sprayed, but that was pretty expensive 4500 euro’s (approx. 5800 dollars). So we rolled it.

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Rockin´ around the jukebox part 3: wanna haves

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 4 - 2010

Crockery set

At the Rockin’ around the jukebox fair (The Netherlands) I found our friends at their stand with his vinyl records and her crockery set. You know people who collect those sets? They have 10 or 20 complete sets but only have one for daily use? Well she’s one of those people. She decided to sell this set because some plates broke and it’s not complete anymore. It’s cute though, the light grey pinstriping with pastel pink and golden detail. Something pinstriped is a vintage must have. But nah… I skipped this one. 

Rockin´ around the jukebox part 2: furniture

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 26 - 2010

Bel Air sofa

I used to go to this jukebox fair to look for kitchens. But unfortunately, the guy who sold American Kitchens hasn’t been at the fair for years. But nevertheles, enough things to shop for. I’ll skip the diners, because there are a lot of them for sale and I already got one. Sometimes I think the colors are too bright and the fabric too plastic like. The Bel Air sofa’s are from the same fabric and make, but look at this sofa! It would fit a pop art interior too.  I found them for sale at Jolina’s (NL)

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Your home here on ROCKABILLY-ONLINE?

Posted by Lisa On September - 5 - 2010

Do you love your house, is it in a retro style with that rockabilly feeling?

Think: fifties design, exotic features, tiki stuff, heywood wakefield furniture, majestic lamps, great colorschemes and fun objects, atomic, american diner etc etc.

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Lighting the luxe: Majestic Lamp Company

Posted by Lisa On September - 5 - 2010

Gosh, Majestic lamps are the most stylish 50’s lamps I have ever seen! They give you that glamour feeling, with it’s warm shining glow and combination of wood and steel.  Browsing through the internet it  looks like every retro house in the U.S. does have a Majestic lamp. Or is that only the fanatics share their homes and fantastic interior with us out on the web?

Look at these beauties

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To lighten up your life! An intro.

Posted by Lisa On August - 25 - 2010

Well how about that!
This is my first article about rockabilly interior design. When I thought about writing about rockabilly interiors my first thought was: Let’s write about Mid Century Modern and al those fun houses of rockabilly’s full with tiki, kitch and 50’s design.

About Mid Century Modern, I love it , but there are already so many websites on that subject.
So I will get into the details, particular objects, furniture and that sort of things. Where to get them, the history and the fortunes you have to spend.(Why is that, I ask you?? ;))
I also like to get into the differences between European interiors and American interiors.
In the seems like you can get everything you want,  when I scroll through the websites it looks like a dream come true and here in Europe, where I live, all these fun merchandise is much scarser.
Here in the Netherlands  it’s mostly the simplistic Mid Century Modern style  from Europe and Scandinavia that’s for sale. Not bad at all. And in the US people probably would love to have simplistic  danish furniture.

Take this lamp for instance:

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Ramond Loewy’s 1953 American Kitchen

Posted by Dee-Ann On August - 18 - 2010

I don’t like cooking but I luv kitchens. I already wrote a little something about Giemeggi kitchens, but today I’m gonna talk about American

Kitchens. No, not the current ones, but the 1953 design of Raymond Loewy. Raymond Loewy (1893-1986) grew up in Paris and emigrated

in 1919 to New York to become one of the greatest designers of his century. His designs are still an important part of our society, like Shell’s

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