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Vintage Soul Tattoo Studio

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 25 - 2013

My name is Darren Burton, I’m a professional Tattoo Artist and owner of Vintage Soul Tattoo Studio, based in Syston Leicestershire.

img055Much to my Mums dismay I have been an avid artist since I could hold a pencil, I vividly remember Mum and Dad having to redecorate the walls more than once.  As a young boy I remember being fascinated by my dad’s old school tattoos and we were often found at the weekend in the local Tattoo Studio.  I got my first tattoo at quite a young age and that was it, I was completely hooked.  From there I would buy tattoo magazines and dream about becoming an artist. Unfortunately I listened to every one else’s advice and got a ‘proper job’ as a plumber. Over the years I would spend all my spare time drawing tattoo designs for my friends and the desire never left me.

Itattoo 016t wasn’t until I meet my now wife Lynz, that I started tattooing. After a few Jack Daniels we talked about our dreams and aspirations and it was like a moment of clarity, I decided to be what I know is in my blood, a Tattoo Artist.  That night Lynz gave me the push I needed to quit the job I hated and follow my dreams.  I have never looked back and opened my baby Vintage Soul Tattoo Studio.

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3rd Dutch Ladies Tattoo Convention

Posted by Dee-Ann On February - 27 - 2013
tattooThe registration for the 3rd Dutch Ladies Tattoo Convention  has begun. The date is august 24-25 2013 in Zaandam the Netherlands (A town  next to Amsterdam) This beautiful Tattoo Convention with only female tattoo  artists in a special night club is in its 3rd year!
You can sign up!

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Society of the Seven Crowns Tattoo Interview

Posted by Anita On June - 19 - 2011

Seven Crowns Tattoo Artists in Sepia

This interview took place right before I got a tattoo from George Brown. You can see the picture of the end result right here!  And there will also be video of the interview posted so you can hear the whole story including the weird cassette tape conspiracy and me laughing at the “mountain climbing” answer. And now without further ado I give you the interview with the Seven Crowns Society tattoo artists George Brown and Matthew Ellis.

How did the Seven Crowns shop get started?

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Tattoo Convention Rotterdam, NL, part II Tattoo and Burlesque

Posted by Dee-Ann On March - 20 - 2011
Tattoo Studio West

At the Tattoo Convention in Ahoy Rotterdam, I bumped into a lot of people who I had interviewed for Rockabilly-online. Like Pascal from Hotrod Tattoo, Robert from Tattoo Studio West, who is also guitarist of 69Beavershot.

Candy Cane from Lady Luck tattoo. She was just about to start on the Pinup tiki tattoo on Lucy Schuurman’s leg. I interviewed Lucy about her beautiful Buick a while ago. Now she was ready to get inked by Candy. Lucy’s husband already has this tiki pinup tattoed in the more realistic version, as Lucy describes it. But she chose for the cartoon version on her leg. She was not sure of Candy could finish her tattoo at the convention, but she did!!!

Candy Cane art

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Photographer profile, Hans van D.

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 19 - 2011

Today we have a photographers profile of the Dutch Hans van D.

Photo by Hans van D.

I live in the netherlands, i like the rockabillystyle, and have photography as a hobby, and like to give my pics a arty look. The pics here are made at Ladyluckpiercing ( in Weert, Holland, and made bij Johan, and Eva dekkers ( 


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Tattoo shop: Hotrod Tattoo

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 14 - 2011

I’m having a talk with Pascal, 39 years old, living in Breda. He has been tattooing for six years now. He and his co-worker Wolf opened their own new shop on the first of june 2010. It’s called “Hotrod Tattoo” and it’s based at Bisschopsmolenstraat 114 in Etten-Leur, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.


Hotrod Tattoo

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Tattoo Profile: Bella Valentino

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 26 - 2010

Bella Valentino

Today’s we are going to take a look at Bella Valentino’s tats. I asked her if she’s got all the tats she wanted, or if she’s planning on having more.

Bella: I plan on more, actually got more since I sent you these pic’s. I trying to finish my sleeve, almost there! My fiance did my chest, right sleeve and foot, and lip. He’s an amazing tattoo artist. We sit around and brain storm on cool ideas with meaning and he draws it all up perfectly. My chest is a mended heart with sparrows and three ribbons saying honesty, loyalty and fidelity. These are the 3 rules/promises we made to each other from the start. It’s a Sailor Jerry style (my fiance’s favorite). Every time I look in the mirror it reminds me of those 3 simple things that make our relationship so wonderful. It was actually a painting he made for me and I loved it so much I asked him to tattoo it on my chest. He was so taken back, the idea that I cared that much about our promises to each other. Enough to get them tattooed, he knew that I intended to keep them. My arm started with the flowers on my upper arm. I told him I wanted a half sleeve when we first meet before we started dating.

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New Tattoo profile!

Posted by bunny On August - 21 - 2010

We’ve got another helping of ink y’all! This one comes from Christine! Not sure if it’s ironic or not. But it is pretty damn cool!

Christine's tat!

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Candy Cane’s insane ink!

Posted by Dee-Ann On August - 13 - 2010

Photo by: Cindy Frey

Photo by MvK

She’s beautiful, stylish and a tattoo artist. I’m talking to Eva aka Candy Cane. 10 Years ago, she started developping her own style with her paintings. Now she is using her style to paint tattoos. She works at Ladyluck, in Weert (The Netherlands). This year they will join tattoo conventions in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium) for the first time.

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Posted by bunny On August - 11 - 2010

This time we have not one but two pieces of body art for you to enjoy!

Aren’t these great?! These come from Candilee, this is what she had to say!

Hi ya Bunny! I’m sending this collage of my tats to you and all of
your fans and friends. Hope you all like them! My chest piece is kind
of traditional, it’s a nautical theme for my marriage. it symbolizes a
way to always find our way home. It reads “little trip to heaven” it’s
the Tom Waits song we danced to at our wedding. Anyhoo, I drew it up
and Phil with Studio 21 here in Las vegas, NV did the ink work.
My back tat was done in 2006 for mothers day. My hubby asked what
I wanted and I said a tat for our 3 girls…needless to say he drew
this one up for me and I fell in love with it. I took it to Lee with
Soul Expressions in Murrietta, CA. and now my three little monkeys are
always on my back.
Well, once again…hope you all like them, they were a couple of
good pokes. LOL.

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Our very first tattoo “profile!”

Posted by bunny On July - 28 - 2010

And it’s from a gentlemen all you hep boys and hip girls might remember. We interviewed Mr. Drew Edwards not long ago. Earlier today he e-mailed me a tattoo that all of you can agree is “ghoul…way ghoul!”

One cool ghoul!

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Meet Taffeta Darling!

Posted by bunny On July - 27 - 2010

Over the years, some of the biggest modern pin-ups have come out of Dallas Texas. Genre stars like Jami Deadly and Masumi Max both got their starts there. Well today there’s a new generation putting their own spin on things. To that end, we set down with Taffeta Darling, a different kind of glamour girl for the 21st century!

Tell us about yourself?

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NEW FEATURE: Tattoo profile!

Posted by bunny On July - 24 - 2010

Rockabilly Online wants to see your ink and hear the stories behind them. The concept is simple.

Send a picture of your tattoo to

Tell us who you are, a little bit about your tat, where you got it and who the artist is!

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