La Puzzydoll; Rockabilly from Chile

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We’ve got a request by Pablo, if we were interested in his band La Puzzydoll from Chile?
We sure do! It’s always interesting to know something more about a Rockabilly band, especially from a country – or in this case a continent – where we don’t hear much about.
So La Puzzydoll it is. It’s a band from Santiago de Chile that mixes Rock & Roll, Blues and Rockabilly music in a particular and personal way. The band members are Pablo Rojahelis (vocals & guitar), ArturoSalinas.(drums),AlonsoDurán(contrabass)and.GonzaloAraya(Harmonica).
They started in 2010 and since then they’ve played in the local area in bars, theatres, casinos and hotels, always gaining the applause of the audience for their outstanding performance, showmanship and the variety of their repertoire.
The four band members put their talents together to generate an unmistakable and explosive sound that invites you to dance.

Tell us more about your band La Puzzydoll?
“La Puzzydoll” is a Rockabilly band also influenced by Blues and Swing. Everything started about two years ago just for fun, we are all musicians from other projects and with experience of 10 to 15 years in the Chilean musical scene, and we all know each other a lot longer ago  but never had the opportunity to assemble a band together, I (Pablo) saved for  years the wish of playing Rockabilly and proposed the idea of  forming the band to Arturo,  Alonso and Gonzalo and then it all started. During that time we used to rehersal and play live frecuently , and started to have a super good response from the people at the shows, we felt we played very well together, also with the energy of the people we went to see us, was amazing, so we decided to film a show of the band live in the “Sala SCD” in Santiago, which was taped on video, plus two more tunes we recorded in our first studio album called “Rockin’Fiesta”

How is the Rockabilly scene in Chile ?
In general any music scene in Chile is small, Rockabilly is even more, but loyal and loud from the people to the bands. The Rockabilly bands that exist are generally linked to the “Psychobilly” and they have an excellent scenic  attitude, our concept is different in that sense, we are much more linked to “Blues” and “Swing”, and that’s a little harder to find here, but the scene grows little by little, and the people who enjoy music and rockabilly as aesthetic concept is increasingly filling the shows, and it seems great.

Do you write the songs yourself or do you play only covers?
We do both, in our first album “Rockin’Fiesta” chose some songs of our heroes, but also included two songs written by us and are those that open our album “Rockin’Fiesta” and “Abandonar”.

Have you released any CD’s or can we expect an album in the future?
“Rockin’Fiesta” has just six months, but we are already in the process of creating a new album with our original songs, we are organizing everything, so we´re gonna release the album  in the first half of 2013, and  in a few weeks we’ll release an English version of our first single “Rockin’Fiesta” .

Who are your favourite artists?
We are strongly influenced by Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette, Gene Vincent, Ray Charles, Robert Johnson, and Brian Setzer, although our creative work also gots the influence of Swing and Blues as styles.

Is there any place you would really like to play?
We would love to be in “Viva Las Vegas” sometime, or tour in the United States, it would be great to play with bands there and know the american audience, we also would like to play with our friends “The Devil’s Daughters” from Arizona, but we generally play everywhere…only turn on the band and the party starts, with everybody move their feet.

Do you like other music styles too, other than rockabilly and rock and roll?
Yes of course we are extremely open mind musicians in that sense, Gonzalo has done amazing career dedicated to the blues, in fact next to Arturo last year opened an  Eric Clapton show in our country. I (Pablo) have been linked to the rock and its variants playing with Arturo in the band “Masta”, Alonso has been closer to Jazz on countless projects like Arturo, we believe that there something interesting in any style, and learn from it, is which makes the music you make can have a special feature and own.

Where can the people see you live on stage the next few months?
We are playing and promoting only in Chile, but we always are trying to make links to go and play outside. All the info about our shows is in the website

What’s your greatest wish for the future?
To keep playing until we’re old, meet wonderful people through the music and bringing “La Puzzydoll” to a high production level all over the world.

Is there anything you would like to tell?
Yes,  we invite everyone to visit our website , there you can download our music for free, watch videos, and get to know the news and new material of the band, and if you like what you hear … share it! is a gift. Rock On!!!

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