Pixi-Jo’s Rockabilly Delights

Posted by Dee-Ann On May - 6 - 20123,131 views

We all love the music, the cars, the pinups, tattoos, the movies, the clothes. But we gotta eat some too right? Give us some sweetness!

Pixie-Jo sent us her pictures of her Rockabilly cake delights, she likes to make. She is a 31 year old mother of two who lives in south Sweden.

“I have a big passion for decorative baking and pinup / rockabilly style.

New stuf are not always best. In my world, it is the old stuf that are more attractive.
My style inspired me in the baking of these cakes. I also take rockabilly / pinup photo for different companies. both with myself as the model or my sisters and friends. I am a very creative soul.
lots of sweet kisses from
Pixi-Jo in sweden”

Pixie-Jo's cakes

Pixie-Jo's Cakes

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