International Burlesque Circus Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Picture by Dee Ann

I was happy to be invited to the Burlesque Circus show in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I really really am ashamed to say that I have never been to a Burlesque show before. I know, I know, how can you write for Rockabilly online and not… Well now I have. And it was all I have ever imagined it to be and more.

The theme was heaven and hell. Some people in the audience were dressed up as angels or devils, but most of them were dressed up in classic clothing, forties style, some with a twist. It is a circus, so not only pretty faces, high laquer heels, laced corsets, glitter pouring out of gloves, but also a motor mouth beard man who’s talk was like glue to stick every act together and create a very glamourous show. He was joined by a stage kitten, who picked up all the clothes and swept the floor which was covered with glitter and little red plastic hearts all the time.

Burlesque Circus 2012Picture by Dee Ann


I expected this event to be high class, and I think it was. A high stage, with classic stage lights, beautiful red decor, black curtains.The event is organized by Xara von den Vielenregen (Burlesque dancer), Herr Dokter, Pascal Go Go Mania (both d.j.s) and others. The curtains opened when the Crazy Beardman opened the show. A cupid with a belt and rope around his hips, came down the ceiling. It was the weirdest thing but hilarious.

Picture by Dee Ann

Next Natsumi Scarlett with, as they call it: Aerial Burlesque. A woman with the moves almost of a snake crawled into two long black curtains hanging form the ceiling. Rolling herself in and out of it, climbing, hanging upside down in an elegent way. I have seen that before as a Chinese circus act.

Mama Ulita stepped out of a box with two gigantic red glittery lipps on the front, which moved on the words of a song, could be Marlene Diettrich’s voice. She started dancing in a long dress en ended up in a very sexy outfit, teasing the gigantic lipps.

Mr. flay reminded me of a circus lion tamer. Or was he more like a civil war soldier? He was none of those. With serveral handcuffs from different countries he first invited some people from the audience to uncuff themselves with a pin. After that he cuffed himself with more than 4 cuffs and tried to get out of them within a couple of minutes. Very entertaining. The new Houdini!


Picture by Dee Ann

The Dutch Juggler King David Severins trew rings and crawled through spinning hoolahoops. With a face expression of a mime player. Very beautiful.


Xarah von den Vielenregen moved, danced, teased the audience with her lovely red outfit. Throwing glitters out of her gloves and undressing elegantly. Here fire burlesque act was perfectly fit for this hell theme.


In the second part of the evening, we watched the two headed Cherrilyn Monroe, the new Las Vegas Sensation. Two girls in one big fat body, dressed in the biggest pink neglige I have ever seen. It was hilarious.

Not only fun and entertainment but also a tombola for a good cause (kidney cancer treatment) was part of the evening. During which my band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains, was getting ready for the (pre)final part of the evening, live music. Can’t tell you how happy we were to be part of this event. We had our own dressingroom, professional soundmen, the organisation of everything was perfect and the schedule was clear. So for us nothing else to do than to hit the stage and set the place on fire. We did.

Picture by Dee Ann

D.J.’s Go go Mania, Herr Dokter, Traxman and Lutz and dr. Hirschfeld were opening, filling between acts and closing the event with music.

Next International Burlesque Circus (sailer edition): May 26th, 2012!/InternationalBurlesqueCircus

Picture by Karlijn

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