Dressed up and undressed at Sluijter and Meijer

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Picture by Dee Ann

I had a large Gloria Vanderbilt bag filled up with a selection of my clothes and boots that I don’t wear much anymore. I knew about a very cute shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sluijter and Meijer which takes in your goods, also artwork and they sell it for you.

Marijke Meijer and Carla Sluijter are the owners of this shop, which opened in januari 2011. Marijke worked as a decor builder and designer for 20 years. Carla was the owner of Strand aan de Maas, an artifical created beach in the city center of Rotterdam. Work was getting tougher, and the crisis was kickin’ in. Together they decided to have a career change. They wanted to be a platform for artists and designers to display and sell their work. The idea of a shop was born, combined with selling new and second hand clothes and gifts.

Picture by Dee Ann

They take turns, but on Friday you can find both of them in the shop to welcome artists and designers to display their work. They decide together what suits their style. Handmade pillows, table cloths by “Da’s Pas Leuk” (that’s really nice). Faith, wisdom and charity chains by Miodio.nl. Handmade cowskin bags, paintings. Most of them in vintage style.

Picture by Mars

But also new articles of Sour Puss, or clothes of London Catwalk. I loved the large leopard shoe/ couch in the shopwindow, and the tiki candles standing on two handmade tables with little lights inside.

Picture by Dee Ann

I emptied my large bag on their countertop, Marijke started writing down the details of my clothes and boots. I had quite a lot. Navy tops, cherry dress, lacquer and rubber boots, pink Jackie Kennedy dress, a Mac and Maggie top (a very popular brand some years ago in The Netherlands). Very nice clothes that didn’t suit or fit me, but still too beautiful for charity.
I knew my goods were in good hands. After two months she will contact me about the sales and my part of the cash. I can choose to take back my unsold goods, or keep them there.

I was curious about the London Catwalk brand and fitted one of their dressed. It was very very sexy and of a very good quality. It wasn’t cheap, I didn’t sell anything yet… but I bought it anyway.

So did another woman earlier this year. Her clothes were sold for 200 euro’s, she cashed it, but bought a painting before she left the shop.

Win win I would say.

Picture by Mars



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