Elvis Cake

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There is not always a party required to make a beautiful cake, but after my first real cake project ‘the Rockabilly cake’ I thought the time was right to bring my creative skills in practice for a real Elvis cake.

As I have written before in my first article,  http://www.karto.nl/?p=4408#more-4408, the base of this cake is sponge cake. Very light and easy to work with. The recipy for this sponge cake you can find in the article above.

For the filling I used jam and pastry cream.
For a smooth top layer I chose this time for bright blue marzipan. This is easy to marzipan, you can choose any colour you want. You just buy a block of at least 600 grams of white marzipan and then you add a few drops of liquid colour that you like. And believe me, there’s a colour for everyone, so much choice!

The hardest part was of course the image of Elvis. I searched for a nice looking black silhouette on the Internet, printed this and carefully cut it out.
Then I put this on black marzipan and cut it with a very sharp knife. Beware that with the marzipan decoration, you use just a tiny drop of water to ‘glue it together’. Marzipan dissolves in water.
This technique can be applied to all types of templates that you like. You can look for images on Internet, magazines, you name it.
So you always have a unique cake for any occasion.
Have fun with baking and decorating!

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