Keith Picot joins the RootsBrothers!

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The Maple Blues Award 2010 for best bassist of the year, went to Keith Picot.
Known from Canada’s Hottest Rockabilly act, Cousin Harley and from Canada’s Premier Jump Blues act The Twisters.

This spring Keith Picot will return to Europe to do a few gigs in a new formation. Two dutch friends will join him, to form a three man Rockabilly-band.


These two brothers, Patrick and William are playing in Lecters Bluesband, where William plays the upright bass, and Patrick is the leadguitarist.
This made me curious, three guys, all rootsfanatics, join eachother to make some noise..  What can we expect?!
With Keith on the upright and vocals, Patrick plays the leadsection and William will do the rhythm part on guitar.
It’s time to have a chat with them:

– What’s the reason to come back to Europe, especially Holland?

Keith: “My Reason for coming back to Holland is Cousin Harley.
Paul Pigat has booked another tour of Western Europe and so I’m back.  The Cousin Harley tour will encompass more than The Netherlands.
I believe France and Switzerland are on the list as well as Belgium and maybe Germany.
I have been lucky in my life and I am grateful. I have been able to come to Europe every year since 2007 to perform. It started with a three week stint of Western Europe with Canada’s Premier Jump Blues act The Twisters and most recently with Canada’s Hottest Rockabilly act Cousin Harley.
Like I say I have been very lucky being able to travel the world doing what I love doing. I often like to stay behind after the tour is over and the band has gone home to Canada.
Last year this time I was in Australia for three weeks alone after a Cousin Harley show and the year before I spent the same amount of time in Prague after a the Twisters played in Norway.
I figure I’m all that way I might as well take my time.
So far in all my European adventures I have felt closest to the Netherlands. Why? First the Women are the very prettiest in the entire world. Second the Beer is fantastic. Third the Coffee is out of this world, only Italy is in the same ball park. Other reasons include the culture, I just like the folks there, I seem to get on best with the Dutch for some reason although they do laugh at me when I walk about in my wooden shoes.  Heck I wear them all the time on my property here in Canada. I really love the bicycle riding there too, it seems so civilized and beautiful. Music appreciation for the roots seem highest there, we seem to always be playing the majority of our shows in the Netherlands.’

‘This time I thought I would proceed the Cousin Harley tour and perhaps play a few shows with my Dutch friends Patrick and William.’

– You’re playing in two fantastic bands. Is there something you’re missing, why do you want to go out on your own? Is that because you feel you want to be more than just a bassplayer?
Keith: ‘I don’t intend to leave the Twisters or Cousin Harley. I just miss fronting a band and singing to the folks. I love the feeling. When there is down time off the road with either band I can run around singing and playing my favorite tunes. I used to front allot and I always said “if I found a band in witch I only had to play the bass I’d be set”. Now I have exactly that and in spades. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.’

– What style are you gonna play, and why just that style?
Keith: ‘I plan on playing allot of roots music, rockabilly, old country, swing, that sort of thing.  I am not trying to fit into a box of any kind I just am playing the tunes I love and enjoy playing.  If I could play Bach I would but I can’t so I will play Johnny Cash in his stead.  I am planning on playing several originals as I think that is the most important thing I can do as a player.  As long as the people enjoy them I’ll play them.  I’m not trying to put anyone into deep cerebral thought I just want to make em dance, drink, laugh and fornicate.

– How did you guys meet, and what are your expectations of playing together?
Keith: ‘I met the Engelen brothers in Apeldoorn, 2009 if my memory serves me correctly. I was headed outside the venue, (that I was to play), for some fresh air when in walks Patrick and William.  Instantly I had the feeling I had met them before.  They seemed to know me a little and I just couldn’t place where or when I had met them but I had a strong feeling.  I immediately rushed to the proprietor and warned him of these fiendish fellows and strongly encouraged their removal from his establishment.  He informed me ,(although he would like nothing better) he would not follow such a course as the younger brother William has an almost super human thirst for beer and he is depended on to help pay the bills.  I conceded and engaged in conversation with the two.  As it turns out they are not bad guys at all in fact I took to them very quickly.  It was meant to be from the start, or shortly after the start.  My Grandfather fought in Apledoorn with the Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry so the town already had special meaning for me.
We have seen each other several times subsequently and have been working up to band status, I think we are going to rock it a very raw edged and traditional fashion.’

Angel Rockabilly Guitar Picker– If you should name some artists, who would be your main musical heroes?
Keith: ‘I would have to say Louis Armstrong, Hank Williams. Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley to name the big ones.’
Patrick: ‘Too much to name really but i’ll go ahead and name a few true originals; Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Cash, T-Bone Walker and Elvis Presley. For contemporary bands or artists i’d say; Nick Curran, Wayne Hancock, Cousin Harley, Rick Estrin and Joel Paterson. And the Paladins are of course somewhere in between the new and the old.’
William: ‘ T bone walker,Willie Dixon, there are many more but these guys had such an impact on me, just cant get enough of them.’

– When did you start playing music, and was there someone in particular who made you pick up the doublebass?
Keith: ‘I started on the guitar at around 12 years of age.  I started on the banjo around 16 and was playing one on the street with my first band”Milking the Cow” when i came across Rockin’ Ronnie Hayward with the G.I.Blues in Vancouver.  all great players who I know to this day, Ronnie was playing the Bass Fiddle and I had never seen anything like it before and I was hooked.  I ended up building my first one in high school shop class and playing and recording with that monster for a couple of years.  My life has gone in some funny ways since then, (like homesteading on a small remote Island for 10 years) but for the past 8 years I have been playing for my living and touring all over the place.’
William: ‘I start playin guitar when I was about 16. A few years later I got myself an electricbass, and about 2 years ago I got myself a doublebass, the real thing!
Yeah! My brother offcourse! and when i went to see the twisters i knew that was the instrument for me.. so keith and Patrick thanks!

– What can people expect when they go out to see you?
Keith: ‘People can expect friends playing the shit out of what they have and having a great time. Like my long time musician friend Ed Isaak says the band has to always have as much or more fun than the audience. It’s all about a good time. Bass Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar and lead Guitar and some great old and new tunes. In fact some tunes that are so old you may think they are new.’
Patrick: ‘They can expect a very talented bass player making the strangest faces while playing! But seriously, it’ll be a good mix between laid back country and high energy rockabilly in classic 3 piece band format.’
William: ‘three guys with a love for real music!”

– Do you guys have something to add?
Patrick: ‘Still looking for a few more places we can play, so drop us a line (!’

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