Tattoo Convention Rotterdam, NL, part II Tattoo and Burlesque

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Tattoo Studio West

At the Tattoo Convention in Ahoy Rotterdam, I bumped into a lot of people who I had interviewed for Rockabilly-online. Like Pascal from Hotrod Tattoo, Robert from Tattoo Studio West, who is also guitarist of 69Beavershot.

Candy Cane from Lady Luck tattoo. She was just about to start on the Pinup tiki tattoo on Lucy Schuurman’s leg. I interviewed Lucy about her beautiful Buick a while ago. Now she was ready to get inked by Candy. Lucy’s husband already has this tiki pinup tattoed in the more realistic version, as Lucy describes it. But she chose for the cartoon version on her leg. She was not sure of Candy could finish her tattoo at the convention, but she did!!!

Candy Cane art

Tattoo by Candy Cane

After the first Rockabilly band of this day Departure Level finished, we got tempted by Stephanies Burlesque act. Stephanie is from Braband (NL). She told me she’s been celebrating carnaval last week, had the flue and been shaking on her legs up till today. But… the show must go on. Then she got here, her cd turned out to be burned in a wrong format, so she had to get a laptop from somewhere and burn another one. I have to tell you, nothing, nothing of all that stress I noticed on stage. She was sexy and graceful. Sexy lingery, pouty lips, feathers… the works. Shake all you got baby!

Stephanie Burlesque

Stephanie Burlesque

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