The Missing Ingredient of Danger*Cakes!

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A while back I interviewed the gals of Danger*Cakes. Most of the girls were accounted for except for that sexy sax player Tina Bartolucci! So I tracked her down and got her end of the story! Read it below!

Tell us a little about yourself?

What can I say? I’m just your average small town girl who moved to the beautiful city of Austin, TX when I was about eight years old. I’m 20 now and starting my life’s adventure the best way I know how; in a bad ass band! Music has always been my biggest thrill and living in the music capital made it so easy to immerse myself into the music culture. I’m an adventurer at heart and my biggest heart’s desire has always been to be in a great band with good people who know how to make awesome music. I plan to have a long and fantastic life adventure with the Danger*Cakes.

When did you first start playing the sax?

I first started playing sax when I was in the 6th grade. And like any typical band kid to-be, I tried out all of the mouth pieces of every different type of instrument and of course, destiny stepped in. My skills on the sax mouth piece were the best by far. I was so stoked! That’s where it all began.

What sort of music has influenced your playing style?

Even from a young age, I was always so moved by Jazz music. My mother took me to my first live jazz show in downtown Austin when I first moved to Texas. I remember listening to that sax player wail his heart out. He couldn’t look like he was having more of a good time if he tried. I was so blown away. That was the day I knew that I would find a way to play the sax. Later in my life, with sax in hand, I took to blues and jazz like a fish to water. I can’t get enough of those hard blues chords and funky jazz riffs!

How did you come to be in Danger*Cakes?

Good ol’ Craigslist was my ticket into this beautiful bunch of lady rockers. I simply saw Jamie’s ad for “Sexy Female Band Geeks” and voilà! Here I am!

What has the experience been like?

This experience has been nothing short of magical. I always tell everybody that Jamie is making all of my dreams come true. I couldn’t be more grateful and ecstatic about this endeavor.

What is your favorite song to play?

My favorite song would probably have to be “Judas Kiss.” It’s a great up beat tune that features the beautiful Armenta on guitar, as well as Karen, our tantalizing trumpet and myself battling it out with a back and forth solo section. SO FUN!

Any upcoming shows we should know about?

You should know about ALL of our shows! HAHA! Our next show is Tuesday, March 8th at The Parlor for the Punk Rock Pizza Party 3-D. Then we have two shows during SXSW. We’re playing the “Punk Vs. Rockabilly” show at the Flamingo Cantina on Monday, March 14th. There will be door prizes and such up for grabs. Then we’re playing the “Retro-Psycho-A-Go-Go at Trophy’s on Wednesday, March 16th. It’s a free show, but it starts early. Doors open at noon. We’ve got a lot more in the pocket, but I’ll save that for next time.

You girls are playing in the big “Punk vs. Rockabilly” throw down. How does that feel?
I always enjoy a good musical throw down! We are a confident group of ladies, so i have no worries that we will rock the stage, Im excited to see what the other bands put together, it should be a great time!

And how does it feel to be part of the craziness of South bySouth West?

Since the day I learned of SXSW Ive always had a vision of being a part of this music fest. Its an INCREDIBLE way for new bands to get noticed by people from all over. I cant wait for the craziness to begin, its going to be the time of my life im sure!!

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