How to become a pin-up

Posted by Miriam On February - 23 - 20116,861 views

Maybe you ask yourself for years now, how these pin-up models always look so shiny.
Well, I found the answer for you.
Check out the video, plan some time to practice and before you know it, you’re a fifties pin-up yourself.

It may seem very difficult, the proper application of these pin-up makeup, but it isn’t.
All you need are good basic makeup stuff, some patience and of course a steady hand and within 10 minutes you’ll have a great result.
Here’s how to channel your inner pinup. A modern day pinup should channel the ’50s by way of cat-like eye makeup, bold lips and wavy hair. A red, pillowy pout smacks of sensuality. Make bright lipstick and liner last by first applying foundation and translucent powder to bare lips, then create a rounded or pointed cupid’s bow with lip liner (add definition by drawing just outside the lines with a flesh-toned concealer pencil).
Select a snow-white or gold shadow for the lid, and rim the top and bottom lashes with black liquid liner, extended a few millimeters beyond the outer corners. Add dimension with a dark shadow applied in the crease and blend well with a contouring eye shadow brush. A brow pencil a few shades darker than your natural hair will make your arches appear more defined.
The pinup’s skin has a paler, more powdery finish than the average gal and a strategically drawn faux mole under the eye lends a sexy touch. A heavier foundation will help you achieve this look.
Good luck with it and maybe we’ll see your picture on the website…..

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  1. Angel Angel says:

    Thanks Miriam.. now i finally know how to… 🙂

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