Brie and Daafs American Kitchen

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Brie and Daaf (from the Netherlands) are the proud owners of this American Kitchen. They bought it in Wijchen (NL) about three months ago. They have been told that the kitchen could be used and build in as it was. But unfortunately, that was too good to be true. An original vintage kitchen takes a lot of determination to get it perfectly fit in your house. This is how they did it:
American Kitchen of Brie and Daaf

Daaf: “First we put the cabinets in place and sand the front. After that, primed it and varnished it twice. Then the doors, front and back. We thought about having it sprayed, but that was pretty expensive 4500 euro’s (approx. 5800 dollars). So we rolled it.

But we weren’t there yet. It took 2,5 months to get the rest of the parts. The kitchen had an induction stove, but I did not like it. We wanted the original Moffat gas stove. We found it and bought it in Heemskerk.

The kitchen sink was the other way around, so we bought another one in Aarle-Rixtel near Vught. We had it recovered. The first time it came back, the cover was torn and broken, so we had to send it back. Ordered a new one, got it delivered in the wrong color. Ordered again and then it was okay.

And now the cooker hood. The original one was full of junk and old meatballs. It has been sawn and cut everywhere so we brought it to the graveyard. We were forced to buy one of those modern ones, just because the original one is nowhere to be found. But that’s the only new thing in it.

The oven and the stove are designed in the 60’s especially for American Kitchen by Moffat. ”

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