Contest: Battle of the Rocking at the Drive-in-barn 2011!

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Rocking at the Drive in Barn is a quite big event in Belgium, that is held every year in august. An audience of 1200 people, visited this rock and roll/ oldtimer event last year and that number is increasing every year.  A lot of bands would love to shine on one of the stages, but not every band is chosen. Therefor….

2 New rockabilly/hillbilly Bands get the chance to prove themselves before an audience.The band who gets the most votes will get a contract to play on the Saturday the next year (with payment) as opening-band.

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How : send your demos + presentation+ contact info to

Maggie Van Herbruggen
Brandstraat 93 2850 Boom

There are 3 judges from the drive-in-barn team who will pick the 2 bands. Those bands will play against eachother for each 30 min. You will not receive any fee only some drinks and a great time!

You can take a look at

Are you a great R’n R’ band and do you feel like having a party! Enter our contest NOW and become famous!

If you are selected then you have to be free on August 20th/21st, 2011!

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