Showgirl Adventure: Las Vegas pt. 2

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Saturday night was the big swanky soirée, so I got dressed in my vintage sari gown and opera gloves.  After I wheeled my suitcase across the casino floor to the Key West Room, the charming and debonaire Mateo took good care of me, maneuvering my bag and guiding me to the backstage area.  Jason “Java” Croft, of Bachelor Pad Magazine, had since arrived.  He was a welcome sight, surrounded as he was by voluptuous pin-up girls!

Java and the pin-up girls

There was also a wooden tiki idol being carved right before our very eyes!  It was going to be raffled off later, and at the moment the floor was covered with wood chips…

Tiki Carving

Live tiki carving!

I took the stage at 10:00pm, in between sets by the fabulous Art Vargas.  The Marilyn wig I added for the beginning seemed to work wonders- I may keep that bit!  This was turning out to be a weekend of wigs.

Ruby Joule

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!

When I was finished, Mr. Vargas kindly presented me with one of his CDs, pointing out a track he thought would be great for a burlesque routine; to which Dita Von Teese had actually performed with them live.  Hmm… note taken!

Java, myself, and Kyle

Kalani Kokonuts (Miss Exotic World winner 2009) arrived looking stunning with a big red rose in her upswept hair.  In true Kalani style, she performed a dazzling routine with showgirl panache!

Sunday morning I awoke out of sorts, possibly from reading my silly paranormal romance novel all night.  Hey, we all have our vices!  But I soldiered through, braving the busy casino floor yet again on my trek to get coffee on the opposite end of the property (hmph!)  After a few rejuvenating sips, I was ready to explore the vending rooms upstairs.  I made a beeline straight for Vintage Suits by Mary.

Vintage Swimsuits by Mary

Bathing beauties in "Vintage Suits by Mary"

After trying on a few designs, I selected a delicious fabric and placed my order for a two-piece.  Next I strolled through the M Modern Gallery space and ogled all the tiki and space-age art.  Then I found Tiki Steve’s Stag Mag Reading Room! I was captivated by all of the vintage Playboys and Life Magazines arrayed before me.  But the real jewel, the one that kept me gasping over and over, was a vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogue.  There were such gorgeous designs, all sketched out in detail.  I sighed so many times I nearly hyperventilated.  And those racy “French imports!” I guess that’s what they called fetish garments back then.  Steve promised me a photocopy of it one day, and kindly presented me with an unopened package of vintage black nylons, to tide me over.  Next I rounded the corner into the Hollywood Lounge, where vintage movies and television programs were screening, and the lovely Daisy of Girls Drawing Girls was set up.  Her gals’ art is so much fun!


The effervescent Daisy Church

Yours truly with Daisy and Damon

Later I met up with the dangerously charming Java for dinner at Little Buddha.  The rich red velvet and softly lit interior were just what the doctor ordered. It was what I imagine an emperor’s opium den would be like.  I wanted to bask in its rich tones and coercive luxury all night, but that would have to wait for another time.  Plus, I was a little flustered at having made “wasabi face” a few too many times, and had to pull myself together for the show and party that night.

Java’s “Last Call Cocktail Party” at The Beauty Bar in downtown Las Vegas only magnified the high flying energy of the night before.


Besides swingin’ sounds to keep our feet moving all night, there was a mini burlesque revue starring Vi Vacious, Ruby Champagne, Cha Cha Velour, and moi.  Our dressing room was a darling little Airstream trailer in a courtyard out back.  Those ladies certainly brought the glitz and glamour!  They were so fun to watch, and sincerely sweet girls to boot.  The cocktails were flowing (well, it was Java’s party!), and there was even an old photobooth – danger, danger!  It was the perfect cherry on top of a fantastic Mondo Lounge weekend.

But wait, there’s a nightcap… Java and I shared a cozy cab ride back to our hotel, and on the way we were entertained by Svetlana, our Ukrainian cab driver with plenty of taxicab confessions to spill!  She was quite a character; very curious, she asked a lot of questions about why we were all dressed up but not really really drunk.  She had her share of horror stories to tell, and I suppose fortunately for us, our cab ride wasn’t that long.

Oh, 5:00 am came much too soon the next morning, but they weren’t going to hold the plane for me. So I bit adieu to Vegas and hoped I would be back soon.

Stay tuned for the next adventure: burlesque in a border town? Si!

xoxo – Ruby Joule

Ruby Joule is a burlesque performer, go-go dancer, pin-up model and bonne vivante based in Austin, TX. She is a founding member of The Jigglewatts Burlesque and strives to seek out new adventures in Showgirlhood!

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Ruby Joule

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