Ann-Margret and the Flintstones

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I always thought that my favorite cartoon The Flintstones was a fifties show. But this Hanna-Barbera Production, ran from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966. A lot of people agree that it is based on a 1955-1956 sitcom The Honeymooners. So maybe not so strange that I thought it was a fifties show after all.

My favorite episodes were the ones with Pebbles and Bambam, but most of all… the ones with music. Thanks to Youtube, I found the one with Ann Margret singing as Ann-Margrock.

Ann Margret is a Swedish-American actress, who became famous for her starring roles in Bye, Bye Birdie, and Viva Las Vegas with our very own Elvis Presley. When people think of actresses in Elvis films, Ann-Margret is almost always the first to come to mind. The on-screen chemistry between them in the movie Viva Las Vegas was real according her autobiography My Story.

Back to the Flintstones episode with Ann-Margret, known by her pre-historic name Ann-Magrock. She is a superstar coming to bedrock. While riding, her sportscar gets a flat tire and ofcourse she ends up at the Flintstone’s home. It’s odd that Fred and Barney don’t recognize her, but for her it’s an unexpected convenience. She introduces herself as Annie. Annie immediately adores Pebbles. Fred and Barney are practicing for a “talent show” for a chance to perform with Ann-Margrock herself. Annie decides to help the guys a bit.

The song is so cute!


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