Showgirl Adventure: The Tango Show

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My burlesque troupe, The Jigglewatts, recently created a group routine to a mesmerizing tango beat, using elements of tango movement.  We were asked to join in the “Tango-Mujer Mini Fest,” created by Daniela Arcuri of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Daniela has been performing and teaching Argentine Tango for over 20 years, thrilling audiences around the world with her expert and elegant style.  She described the festival as being “about women in tango and the evolution of the woman’s role in the dance,” so of course we were on board to perform!

Daniela Arcuri

The evening’s activities took place in the gorgeous Milonga del Norte in Austin, Texas, in a baroque rotunda ideal for the occasion.  When we arrived, couples were already gliding across the floor, the wine was flowing, and the live tango quartet was in fine form.

The ballroom...

The only thing that could steal my attention away from this dreamy scene was a display of fabulous tango shoes just inside the entrance.  Argentine tango shoes are like ballroom dancing shoes except, well, sexier.  The heels are often 3 1/2 inches high or higher, and are frequently stiletto.  These were limited edition, handcrafted treasures designed by Comme il Faut of Argentina. *Swoon*

I want them all!

We dressed in the attached cinema room, which was lined with vintage movie posters; all the while wondering how this elegant crowd would receive us.  We decided to err on the conservative side and not go down to pasties for this event, though one female guest helpfully advised me to “put some blush between your breasts- it will make them look bigger.”

Gentlemen Prefer... Jigglewatts? Haha!

When our music started, we slipped through the French doors and into the rotunda.  Uh-oh… audience standing… everywhere!  Which way do we face?  It  seemed like there was a big crowd standing on the left, so we chose that as the front.  Once we danced out into the center of the room, we realized we were facing the band, not the crowd!

Our tango-esque group number

So… the majority of the guests got a good look at our assets before we figured out how to rotate our formation around to the correct direction.  When we finished, we were met with warm applause and cheers as we exited.  The acts that followed included an innovative solo exhibition piece by Daniela Arcuri and an exquisitely sensual tango by Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo.

Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo

I admit that at that moment I was convinced I would give up burlesque entirely to become a professional tango dancer.  That feeling has since mellowed into a plan to combine the two endeavors into a new routine ;-).  Soon the band picked back up and newly inspired tangueros flocked to the dance floor.  A captivating evening.

The Jigglewatts with Fernanda Ghi and Daniela Arcuri

The next afternoon, I taught a cabaret workshop for the ladies of the festival.  The sensual, passionate elements of tango lend themselves perfectly to the burlesque arts, and all of the ladies were enthusiastic pupils.  It was exciting to share my own experience with burlesque movement and performance with such a wide range of women- all sizes, shapes and ages!

Tango Cabaret Class

Both tango and teaching have an even more devoted fan- moi!

Stay tuned for tales of the Great Rockabilly KISS-off and Mondo Lounge III from Vegas, coming up soon!

xoxo, Ruby Joule

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