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Bella Valentino

Today’s we are going to take a look at Bella Valentino’s tats. I asked her if she’s got all the tats she wanted, or if she’s planning on having more.

Bella: I plan on more, actually got more since I sent you these pic’s. I trying to finish my sleeve, almost there! My fiance did my chest, right sleeve and foot, and lip. He’s an amazing tattoo artist. We sit around and brain storm on cool ideas with meaning and he draws it all up perfectly. My chest is a mended heart with sparrows and three ribbons saying honesty, loyalty and fidelity. These are the 3 rules/promises we made to each other from the start. It’s a Sailor Jerry style (my fiance’s favorite). Every time I look in the mirror it reminds me of those 3 simple things that make our relationship so wonderful. It was actually a painting he made for me and I loved it so much I asked him to tattoo it on my chest. He was so taken back, the idea that I cared that much about our promises to each other. Enough to get them tattooed, he knew that I intended to keep them. My arm started with the flowers on my upper arm. I told him I wanted a half sleeve when we first meet before we started dating.

Bella Valentino

My favorite flowers, art deco type theme with the saying ” what goes around comes around” in Italian “chi la fa l’aspetti”. I am Sicilian and my right arm has alot of italian influence (moms side) when I start my left sleeve it will have allot of Native American influence (dad’s side). Kinda an omage to my parents and my heritage all in one.

Bella Valentino

The inside of my upper arm is my fiance and my face’s profile making kiss face toward eachother, with day of the dead sugar skull designs in our faces. Underneath our faces it say’s “Amore Eterno” more Italian for eternal love.

Bella Valentino

In the crease of my arm is a peacock feather for good luck. Down the front of my forearm is “veramente onesto” more Italian for genuinelly honest. It’s written in lipstick with a collage of light color day of the dead sugar skulls behind it to make it pop and not get lost in the background fill when we finally get it on. Just underneath the lipstick is a bee for good fortune and a Triquetra knot that represents the threefold nature of the Goddess as virgin, mother and crone. It also symbolizes life, death, and rebirth and the three forces of nature: earth, air, and water. It’s symbolisim for mother (my way of putting my mom in the Italian arm without writing “Mom” or her name). And finally my inner forearm is a collage of 2 flowers, a snowdrop and carnation, 4 old school gems garnet color, a capricorn sign in Italian flag colors, and Braxton my son’s name. All of that is for him, his birth month flowers, birthstone, zodiac, and name of course. The rest of my arm is filled or going to be filled with negative stars and swirls that start blues, fade into purples, then magenta’s to complete my sleeve=) yey I’m so close! I have 2 koi fish swimming in circle with water behind on my left foot which is for pisces, my zodiac. An anklet on my right foot of rosary beads with a skeleten key, done with a sugar skull as top of key. My best friend of 15 years has the same anklet on her left foot but she has the lock. A large sugar skull with a keyhole in it’s forehead. When we put out feet together they hang toward each other.

I also have a Kanji on the back of my neck meaning friendship. The same best friend and I got them 10 years ago together. I have 2 more tattoo’s, one on my hip and one on the side of my back, both in progress of being covered. and I have a molly skull tattooed on the inside of my lip. Oh and a nautical star on my left wrist. Okay that’s it for the tattoo’s…lol…probably more then you wanted to know. I am also apprenticing under my fiance to hopefully become as good as him one day, he’s a great teacher with 17 years experience. Now that I’ve written a book…haha!

Bella Valentino

Oh and as for my favorite…hmmm…thats a hard one! My chest and whole arm are my favorite. There’s so much meaning behind it and fantastic work I can’t pick just one=)

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