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Joan asks, “I’d love to be able to wear “flapper” style lipstick ala Clara Bow. But I can’t ever seem to get the hang of doing it. How do they get their lips to look so small?”

First of all, here’s a pic of Clara Bow for a reference:

Let me start by saying that it appears that her lips are naturally smaller, but there are certain techniques you can use to give yourself the same look. Tools you’ll need: foundation or concealer, translucent powder, lipliner, lipstick. Start by applying your foundation over your lips so that they match your skintone. Next, you want to powder over this. This will help ‘set’ your foundation and keep it in place over the sides of your lips.

Now you want to take your lipliner and begin to draw in the shape you want. Start with your upper lip and really emphasize the bow shape of your upper lip. Outline the shape you want, but don’t outline the outer corners. Instead cut that corner in and down s that you’ve created the illusion of a smaller, more heart shaped lip. Now you want to go and outline your lower lip to size to match the upper, cutting off those outer corners. Go ahead and fill in the outline of your upper and lower lip with the lip pencil; this weill help it last longer. At this point yu can go ahead and fill in with a lipstick, or just use the lipliner for a more matte look!

The key to really making this work is powdering over your foundation on the sides of your lips!!! It’s really pretty simple to achieve and as long as ou remember to not lick or blot your lips, it should hold up all night!

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