Calabrese interview at the Oakland Metro Operahouse

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DSC00066Interview by Christina Death on January 29th, 2014 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse
Text and Transcription by Christina Death
Photos by James Leon

J: is Jimmy Calabrese, D: is Davey Calabrese, B: is Bobby Calabrese
Q: So much power in the Big “C” ( Calabrese ). All these years going strong. What is your secret?
J: Coffee
D: Pasta and Pizza
B: Not knowing how to do anything and lack of skills on the road.
Q: As the blood is the life force is horror to your soul?
D: Damn that is deep.
( Everyone agrees with laughter )
J: Davey has been bleeding playing drums on this tour. He does give blood sacrifices every once in a while and bleeds on our guitar.
Q: Is Calabrese true Immortals and if so what vampires are you?
J: We are immortal vibrations which will be set forward into the future through recording devices and other types of unknown machines that we do not have current capability of knowing but we will be forever vibrating into the future. They can be that but I’m the sexy howler that gets all the girls.
B: I’ll be the twilight one.
( Laughter everyone )
Q: Out of all songs what is your true personal song anthem for your audience?
B: Voices of the Dead
D: Born with the Scorpions Touch baby, it hits home baby.
J: One of Us
Q: Like the movies ” Grease “, ” Crybaby “, and ” Outsiders ” Do you see yourself starring in a true “Greaser  Movie ” ? If so what role would you play?
J: A lot more blood than “Crybaby.”
D: Sin Cityish
B: More guns and Sci-fi
J: Head Explosions
J: Ourselves because we thank the world to Rock and Roll
( Laughter Everyone )
Q: What Universal Monster would you like to meet and why?
J: The Wolfman to see if he has nards and to kick him.
( All of us band members agree )
D: Dracula would be a good dinner host.
( Laughter everyone )
Q: How do you feel you progressed with the direction and the sound through the years?
B: We feel good about it.
J: We are just chasing that muse and going wherever it takes us.
Q: How many years is Calabrese going strong?
J: Over 10.
Q: So tell us about what the new album ” Born with a Scorpions Touch ” is about ?
B: 11 Songs are available on compact disc and on the internet legally and illegally ?
( Laughter everyone )
D: The songs are about Rock and Roll, not peace and love, my friends, it’s about anger, not love.
J: & B: Revenge 7O’s and 8O’s Motorcycle badass vibe. Rockin and cool guitars. We did pretty good.
Q: What super hero would you be and why?
B: Captain America.
J: Sexy Rogue, you touch them and take all their powers.
B: Captain America as long as I don’t get beat up.
Q: What is playing on your iPod right now?
( All Members say Steel Panther )
D: Turbonegro.
B: Sludge metal that kind of doom, Black Sabbath and stoner rock.
Q: In conclusion, do you think a live DVD will come out in the future?
J: Oh Yeah, not sure what show or city.
D: More comics and toys and more Rock and Roll.
Much thanx to Calabrese and Rockabilly Online. We look forward to seeing you again.

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